What can be Done While the World is Going up in Smoke?

At a time in which the world needs God, atheists are exercising a united effort to dispute Christianity and the Bible. This truly is a time of wars and rumors of wars with Russia attacking Ukraine. It is their contention that the Bible contradicts itself. Some people make a career of spreading the illogic of their own teachings. They stand before an audience as pseudo-authority figures. They broadcast speeches using hate talk against Christians. Their efforts are in effect a fulfillment of biblical prophecy. The world is divided against itself in so many ways. With the upheaval of death and destruction in Ukraine and the impotent occupant of the White House, there has to be some certain sure place where we can flee.

So why do they viciously attack Christianity and the Bible? They fail to attack other religions. They seem to consider themselves the wisest in society. They behave in an arrogant fashion while ignoring the true God that is displayed throughout Scripture. Never do they complain about the verses of the Bible that says how much God loves us. Ignorance among their fellows is rampant by ignoring the record of the good things that Jesus did and taught. Even as Jesus was hanging on the cross, he never uttered a word about revenge or hate.

We so badly need to turn to God and not be encouraged to turn away from him! There is so much uncertainty in the world that we need an anchor for our souls and minds. With turmoil spinning around us, the last thing we need is a distraction. The evil that China and Russia represent seems to be more preferable than the good things of the Bible. The day may come soon in which we will have to face China and Russia in a way we never thought probable. Martin Luther King said that he saw a light on top of the hill. We must keep that light burning for all kinds of freedom. While we fight back against the communism of China and Russia, we must also fight back those efforts that would distract us from serving God.

Why don’t they turn their attention to reveal serious problems in the world? Why have they not done something about the atrocious treatment of Muslim women who could be beaten or killed for minor accusations? Why do they not assure that everyone realizes Christian Science teachings says that death is not real? Why do they not help people to understand the Mormon teachings that says Jesus is a created being and that Jesus has many celestial wives and children? Their attention is hyper focused only on mainstream Christianity as taught in the Bible. These disbelievers prefer to superimpose her own deceptive understandings on the world!

The atheist path has many potholes. They take away hope and replace it with nothing. They take verses in the Bible out of context. They give their own definitions with no regard to the original text. This is the case of the blind teaching the blind. For instance, Klomske on YouTube referred to Romans 3:23, “all have sinned and are fallen short of the glory of God.” Then he inaccurately compares that verse to the Old Testament passages that say Noah and Job were perfect. He asked, “How can they be perfect if all are sinners?”

The perfection of these men was about their behavior, attitude, and how they practiced their faith. It was not that they were without sin. Their perfection was a stage of spiritual growth.

These atheists seem to think they are smarter and more perceptive than what they consider the ignorant Christians to be.

They have no final authority as Christians do other than the concoctions of their own leaders. That means everyone can behave according to each person’s value system. Why not let everyone do what he or she wants because no one will have to answer for his or her crimes or sins? Atheists may not want the Ten Commandments displayed in public, yet they practice the context of the commandments. They are against murder, but object to that very thing that God said was a sin.

Atheists offer no hope for someone in trouble. They have no assurance for afterlife. They are militantly against God, the church, the Bible. What good, loving, and kind words can they offer the world while attacking Christians? With the world going up in smoke, we need the principles of Christianity. We need the Savior. Ralph Walter Emerson said appropriately, “What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you’re saying.”

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