Evil is as Evil Does!

There are times when evil comes upon us out of the blue. It is not expected, it cannot be predicted. One thing is certain. Evil is as evil does. There is no good thing that happens when evil parades around the world and invades our own lives. Unfortunately, we do not take evil serious enough. We joke about it. We make movies about it. We chided each other over it. Should we ever call evil for what it is, our lives could be changed. Our relationship with God would be significant.

Then there are times that evil is not so much of a surprise. It comes upon us through incompetence in our nation’s leadership. It manifests itself in our lives because we are not vigil. What we do and how we do it can easily be an encouragement for evil to overrun our pathway. When we expect and rely on those in political authority, it is our hope that we will be safe. It is our assumption that the American dream will go on. Even so, when we pay closer attention to the ineptitude coming from the White House and Congress, it is easy to conclude that nothing can be done to intervene against the invasion of evil.

There is a case in point that illustrates what I’m saying. Our president has voiced empty speeches about serious repercussions to Russia if they invade Ukraine. Those constraints against Russia were worthless words spewed from a mentally incompetent. Russia had no fear for any consequences promised against it because Putin always had a plan B. Our president is a paper tiger facing an intense fire from the blaze of a torch that is determined to overcome, conquer, and absorb surrounding territories.

We can remind ourselves that God is in control. The Bible says that. However, God does not expect us to sit back and be pawns in a losing game of chess. He expects us to man up and do our part on the world stage. With the man at the helm who can easily become bewildered even while reading his own teleprompters, it is impossible for him to generate confidence in our government and concerns around the world. God is in control of our personal lives. He is in control of the outcomes of current and future history. God has made it possible for us to hide under a divine rock while the world teeters on the strong possibility of a third world war.

We must not be afraid. We must not allow our minds to become bewildered. We must not be doomsayers. We must not make mistakes as we prepare for what lies ahead. We must use our logic and our resources. This does not mean that we should see ourselves with the necessity of becoming survivalists. We always have been survivalists in the world that is unwelcoming to the Christian faith.

In a practical and political sense of the word, when will our politicians and federal government intervene? Are there any in Congress that still has integrity and will no longer tolerate the incompetence we have seen this year. No matter what political party those in Congress are members, are there any that we can rely on? The cronies of socialism from the White House and those that have infested the House of Representatives and the Senate must be dealt with, must be pushed aside so that our grand land can resume its leadership in the world.

If this does not happen, our president will continue to sleep through the night or hide himself in the basement as he has done before. He delivers a speech during which she stumbles over words and quickly leaves before anyone has the opportunity to ask questions. This is not presidential! This is not leadership in any sense of the word.

America is facing a crisis beyond what it has ever faced since 1941.

It is already a documented fact that Russia and China are in the same bed. Not only is Ukraine under the gun from Russia, but with nauseous ineptitude from our president, Taiwan is in grave danger! The minions of Nancy Pelosi must abandon her ship in favor of God and country. The fake Republicans and the Democrats dangling from her string must bind together in a rebellion to present a unified front against all that is evil overspreading the world!

The fake media needs to have a rebirth. They must be born again in patriotism. They must give us actual news, not brainwashing commentaries for the empty minded listeners. The crushing blow of WOKE culture must be flushed into the depths of rejection by the general public and by businesses that are true to what this country has always stood for.

We must no longer allow ourselves to be subject to various forms of rewritten history. We must stand strong and firm on behalf of our children. We cannot abandon them in the school of nonsense. Perhaps it would be a good idea for all parents to remove their children from public school.

Enough is enough! The senile man who happens to sit behind the oval office desk and the woman selected by race and color to become vice president who has no idea what she is doing, nor does she have experience, must be replaced. This is not to say that Nancy Pelosi must become president because she too must be forced into retirement.

We need a political Civil War. We need people on both sides of the aisle to open their eyes and reach across that aisle because they know that evil was dancing on what will become our graves. The silent politicians can no longer be silent. The invasion of Ukraine and the impotent head of state, commander in chief is not compatible. Hopefully this invasion will be that wake-up call to all Americans of whatever political party they belong.

We must pray for the victims in Ukraine. Our prayers must originate over the concern of our own country. Since God is in charge, our prayers must thunder on the doors to his throne room. We must shout or beg, whatever is necessary, for God to intervene in the royal mess that evil has brought upon all of us. We are not talking about a strategy of international proportions. Nor are we talking about a response to a rogue nation. We are talking about the correction of what evil has done.

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