Gripes my Goat!

There is a television commercial that has greatly offended me because it used a very distorted point of view. It just gripes my goat! The commercial begins with the woman packing her clothing in a suitcase.  Then she is sitting on a bench at the bus stop in tears. Furthermore, she must pay to catch a train.

The punchline of this commercial says, “she has undergone forced pregnancy.” The thinking is that because she cannot get an abortion, she will need to give birth to the person in her womb.

No one forced her to get pregnant! It was her indifference to safe sex. It was her behavior outside of proper norms. It was her discarding the fact that she could create a human being inside her body. Instead, the commercial supposes that the unborn infant is simply a thing that must be eliminated in the same way a ruptured appendix would need to be removed.

This is a radical example of those who refuse to recognize that the joining of the female egg and a male sperm would create a person to walk this earth and have significant influence on others whether it be as a neighbor, family member, or the holder of a high office.

Do not be swayed by these lies. Do not assume that this commercial is saying the truth. In most cases the desire for an abortion is because pregnancy creates an inconvenience. Keep in mind the reality that this woman wants to kill a person. The Bible is very plain when it declares how and when life begins. Science is now advanced to the place that will support this biblical position.

Should a woman find herself pregnant and in an unhappy situation as a result, there are individuals and agencies that can be of support to her. She need not to walk this path alone as a new mother. We should not turn on such a woman, nor should we ostracize her. She committed a sin that needs to be taken to God. The Christian community must support her while she struggles with this new reality. There is so much potential joy when that baby is born. Berth is a miracle that even though unexpected, can bring much happiness.

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