Job Had a Job

The recorded history of Job in the biblical book by his name, there are details as he dealt with so much tragedy in his life. He lost his fortune. He lost his children. He lost his reputation. He even lost the respect of his wife. We do learn at the end of the book that God rewarded him for his faithfulness. But the question for all of this is- what is the point?

Since he had everything restored to him, why would God allow it to be taken from him in the first place? Was it something that Job needed to experience? He lived at a time before Moses.  He was even called a righteous man. It was not his experience, but his reflection of faith.

God believed him to be an honorable man. With that being said, why would God permit all of these events to happen? Many Christians point to Job as a man of faith and endurance so that they could be encouraged to do the same when they are in a deep dark pit. It seems highly unlikely that this man would be called to experience such horrific occurrences in his life just to be an encouragement to you and me. The New Testament has many words of encouragement.

Perhaps we are looking at this too microscopically. It could be that we do not understand the real assignment levied on Job. I suggest this had nothing to do with his finances, family, or extremely poor health. There is a higher reason.

God believed that he could count on Job to do his job of living a faithful life which would bring glory to God. However, this brings the other question immediately to the forefront. Why does God need to be glorified? Is there some insatiable need that all of the universes should bow down to him?

So, we have two levels to observe. First, God, counted on Job and he came through. Second, Job brought glory to God. Let us understand that God does not need anything! There was a time in which God existed and nothing else did. He brought all of creation into existence as a natural result of who he is.

The Bible states that the stars declare the glory of God. When Angels announced to the shepherds that Jesus was born, they glorified God. Glorifying God is not something to be unnaturally generated. It is a natural result of the universe. Whether it be angels, stars, or redeemed mankind, all join in unison to bring glory to God. In essence this is a privilege to connect with he who is the Almighty! This is a voluntary projection of the awe experienced by those who reflect the greatness of God.

If the single purpose was to demand glory, God could have created mankind without free will. However, those who exercise their free will to glorify him are brought into a special position on earth and in heaven. Job’s life was the continual reflection of a man who sought to submit and bring glory to God. He was stretched to his limits but remained faithful to his Creator. We know this by the end of the book of Job. Through his experiences, we have a record in response demonstrating the wonderfulness of God.

When you find yourself going through difficult times, do more than just comfort yourself with the sufferings of Job. Instead, persistently declare yourself as a person faithful to God who is willing to experience anything as a means to glorify him.

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