Inventor’s Ashes Buried in a Pringles Can

Pringles inventor Fredric Baur’s ashes were buried in a Pringles can. When considering a final resting place, most people ponder the conventional options, such as a coffin or, for those who prefer cremation, an urn. Not Pringles inventor Fredric Baur, whose devotion to his innovative packaging method (which stacks his perfectly curved creations in a tall tube) was so intense that he had his ashes buried in a Pringles can. “When my dad first raised the burial idea in the 1980s, I chuckled about it,” Baur’s eldest son, Larry, has said of his father’s wishes. But this was no joke. So after the inventor died in 2008, his children made a stop on their way to the funeral home: a Walgreens, where they had to decide which can to choose. “My siblings and I briefly debated what flavor to use,” Larry Baur added (sour cream and onion? Barbecue?). “But I said, ‘Look, we need to use the original.’” Baur’s ashes now rest, in the can, at his grave in a suburban section of Cincinnati, Ohio.

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