PALM SUNDAY- the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning

This is the day in which Christians recognize when Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on a donkey while people threw palm leaves in his path cheering him as the Son of David. His entry into Jerusalem took them directly to the temple. There are so many other places that he could have first visited. But why the temple?

Keep in mind that he was God incarnate. That adds much more significance to his visit. What of God came to your church in person? What would he find and what would he say? On that day Jesus was angry with the conduct of the place of worship because of its lack of service to God.

From the time the Jesus was born to this Palm Sunday, it was the beginning of God’s interjection into the history of mankind. He taught and preached. He healed and raised people from the dead. All along this beginning pathway Christ was interacting with people at their point of need. During that time he organized his church with twelve men that we now call disciples. His actual ministry only lasted three years. He must have been very busy. He knew the need for basic necessities of life such as food and water. Yet, he was not finished. Jesus had to step into a new beginning.

Palm Sunday marks the last week of the life of Jesus leading up to his crucifixion on the cross. Some people might think that he became a victim of it all, but the truth is that he was in charge and orchestrated everything. This was the beginning of God’s love reaching out to sinful men offering the solution to their spiritual need. From this time forward Jesus was transformed from being a teacher/healer/miracle worker. He became the Savior.

From that very day Jesus Christ offered himself as a sacrifice for the salvation of everyone. This moment in time led all the way through to his resurrection and ascension and his future return to earth as the Conquering King. That Sunday opened the door for the coming history of mankind so that each and every person could know that death would have no claim on them, and that heaven would be their eternal home.

His miraculous birth, his ministry, his lovingkindness would have no value if he was not resurrected. He began a new beginning. He began the time in which each person could exercise their free will to decide for themselves where their eternal destiny would be. Now you and I are in that place of decision! What have you decided so far? The responsibility is yours. The consequences are what you decide.

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