Emotional Experiences of Jesus Before he was Crucified

Let us start at the time of his arrest Thursday evening and backtrack. We know that night Jesus went off to pray by himself. He asked his disciples to keep the vigil, but each time he went to check on them they were asleep. Finally, he gave up on them.

While praying Jesus had an immense dread for what he would be facing. He asked the Heavenly Father to find a way that he could avoid his murder. Realizing there was no alternative, he accepted what would soon happen. His prayer was so intense that blood protruded from his skin instead of sweat. His disappointment with the disciples was profound. The magnitude of his experience was so great that he fell on his face. He told three of the disciples that, “My soul is exceedingly sorrowful, even unto death.” The intensity of his loneliness because of abandonment from sleepy disciples must have been intense. Not even his closest friends stood with him during this emotional turmoil.

After Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper, instead of being attuned to Jesus they argued among themselves who would be the greatest of the disciples. In the garden he encouraged his disciples to pray so that they could avoid entering into temptation. His only consolation was from an angel that appeared to strengthen him. The disciples were so out of touch with Jesus that no one washed his feet as was the Jewish custom and when he told them of the coming betrayal, they bickered among themselves who would do such a thing. About the time that Judas left the company of the disciples, Jesus shared with them that he was troubled in spirit.

Earlier when he entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, he was grieved by their city’s coming desolation. The disciples lacked any motivation to support Jesus by asking him where they should observe the Passover. They could have taken the initiative to find a place but remained out of touch with the teachings of Jesus before his crucifixion. They were more concerned for their own sorrow that one of them would betray Christ instead of offering comfort to him. When Peter declared his devotion to Jesus and he was corrected, Peter responded in a vehement way attacking Jesus verbally.

Instead of receiving comfort, Jesus selected to comfort his disciples. He told them of an eternal destination he would prepare for all believers. When Philip asked to see the Father, Jesus responded in disappointment in that they did not comprehend Christ’s relationship with the Heavenly Father. He responded by saying, “he that hath seen me has seen the father.” By answering Phillip, he questioned how Phillip could ask such a question after being with Christ for these last three years. Another disciple demonstrated his bewilderment by asking why the disciples would have special knowledge while the world would not. During those days leading up to his crucifixion, Jesus was likely in an emotional turmoil. He tried to share his experience with others, but they did not respond in any matter of support. In essence, even though Jesus was surrounded by people he was alone. He experienced spiritual turmoil, disappointment in his friends, significant dread of what lay ahead of him, sorrow, verbal attacks, and physical responses to anxiety. Even before Jesus was arrested, he knew significant emotional upheavals. He went through all these experiences plus his

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