If God Created Man, Who created God?

As a minister and a counselor, I have occasionally had this question asked of me. This appears to require a mysterious answer that could only be satisfied by faith. However, there are two answers that more specifically address the question.

The speculation typically revolves on the supposition that God is tangible or made of some type of corporeal material that contains who or what he is.

This supposition is contrary to the Bible. God specifically said that he was spirit. He who would worship God, must worship him in spirit also. From the Bible we can then conclude that we must deviate from that fleshly supposition to a spiritual level when we talk about God.

Ask yourself where the limit of truth is. If pure truth is to be considered, where is its beginning and end? In other words, the fact is that truth has no beginning or end. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the light.” He also told Philip, one of his disciples, that whoever saw Jesus saw the Heavenly Father. The reason for this is that Jesus came from the Father. We must conclude then that God as a spirit who like truth, has no beginning or end. Consequently no one or no thing created God because he as truth always existed.

Since God is the likeness of absolute truth, we must consider our second answer to the question whether or not someone or something created him.

Let us consider for the sake of example that you have a glass in which you plan to put water. You continue to pour the water into the glass as it reaches toward the top. Should you put too much water in the glass, it will overflow. Should you not put enough water into the glass, it will be insufficient to reach an absolute level. If, on the other hand, you have the ability to put water in the glass until it is level or exactly even with the rim of the glass. No more or no less water would not be absolute. Therefore, when you have in some curious way been able to make the top of the water exactly even with the rim of the glass, you have an absolute.

This may seem philosophical or somewhat like a ninth-grade science project. The fact is that this water experiment is an example of the absoluteness of God. He is no more or no less what he is capable of being in any situation. When we speak of truth, he likewise meets the exact standard of absoluteness. No one or no thing made him capable of being absolute. He simply is all that is necessary to be God without any assistance from anything or anyone else.

Through these two examples we have shown that there is no necessity for God to be created. He like truth – IS. To Moses in the Old Testament and from the statements from Jesus – God is I AM. He has no beginning or end like that of truth. Therefore, we need to emphasize that God has no beginning or end. Also, only God is capable of being absolute in every attribute that he has. There is no shortcoming to his person or character.

God always has been and always will be in the same way truth is an absolute. Reject any discussion with someone that raises this question. See God for who he is. Jesus said that he would never leave us or forsake us. For him to be able to make that statement, Jesus needs to be eternally existent. He declared himself to be absolutely capable.

Rejoice with me that our God is totally God without any defects or flaws who always was and always will be. Rejoice with me that the same God invites us to have a personal relationship with him so that when our spirit leaves the body, we can have fellowship with his spirit for ever and ever. Praise God!

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