Gd Said It – It Happened!

If we accept the nature of God as displayed in the Bible, there is no decision for us other than he created everything. Anything less than that limits who God is. Either God is completely capable, or he is not. There is no middle ground that says the existence of all creatures just happened by the passing of time. What you think God is must be applied to what God does.

The Bible says that he created everything. Charles Darwin says the things that were minuscule became what is now complicated. The basis of his theory is that creatures share similarities and that a particular creature became more developed in those similarities. Darwin’s idea is not only a contradiction of what the Bible says, of necessity God cannot be viewed as the creator.

Most believers ascribe specific characteristics to God, but do not hold true to their own thinking when it comes to the investigations of how everything came to be. The Bible says that God spoke it, and it was. Let us look at the common view that many people have about God. Let us challenge the Darwinian theory by the nature of God.

If we believe that God has limitless abilities, we must also believe he could do what he wanted because there is no restriction on God’s behavior.

If we believe that God has total and complete knowledge, we must also believe that he knew how to do things such as making the cardiovascular system and digestive system.

If we believe that God has perceptions into anything and everything that is intricate, we must also believe that he did not need time to make anything happen.

If we believe that there is no restriction on any desire that God has, we must also believe that whatever he wanted to do, he did it simply because he wanted.

If we believe that God is completely whole lacking nothing, we must also believe that the result of what he does is because he is absolute.

Since God is limitless, he is total in his own self, intricate in any prerequisite, and is unencumbered to complete what he wants. Isn’t this why we pray to him? It would be useless to send a prayer to heaven to an individual that is incapable of answering our prayers. We pray believing God will respond because he is able.

Since God is completely whole in himself, why would it not be probable that he caused anything because he said it? Not only is God the Creator but he is the architect of our world that provides preoccupation and entertainment built into the creation. All around us there is texture, and sensations. Charles Darwin could not provide an answer to offset our potential boredom without those things.

For instance, I have a bird sanctuary in my backyard. I noticed that each type of bird has the same physical design and song. Darwin only wants to explain the existence of individuals that have similar skeletal and muscular systems supposedly that developed in such a way to create a species. He cannot explain why my chickadee birds all have the same song, all build nests the same way, and fly with an undulating path. God made my birds by saying they would be.

I worship the Creator. He is the one that gave me this earth. He is the one that gave the birds to me as my own personal philharmonic orchestra. I worship God as the one who has unlimited power to answer my prayers. If I think God does not have unlimited powers, it would be useless to pray to him.

Think twice about the common and fictitious teachings about the creatures of this world. To accept Darwin’s ideas, we must exclude God. Do you really want to do that? Do you really want to say that your God does not have all power? Do you really want to say that he has limits? Because I choose to believe God is all in all, I also believe he is the Creator. Therefore, he is my Savior.

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