An Assumption When We Pray

I wish to follow up on a previous blog. I challenged my readers to explain the reason for our prayers if we are not praying to an Almighty God. We make an assumption or belief that God has the ability to answer our prayer. Otherwise, there would be no purpose in praying.

If we pray to an Almighty God, then we must recognize that he truly is Almighty. That must mean that he is fully capable of doing anything he chooses. There is nothing that the Almighty God cannot do. We ask him to heal people. We asked for his comfort and guidance.

However, we have a serious flaw in our prayers. The belief that God is Almighty must be included in other parts of our thinking. That includes such things as science. In many cases science and belief in the Almighty God are congruent.

This does not include everything! The best example I can offer you is that many professing Christians believe in evolution.

To them all of nature around us is the result of billions of years in which creatures came from inferior creatures which came from inferior creatures which came from inferior creatures, etc. This is a mismatch to the belief that God is Almighty. To assume in evolution is to take away the conviction that God is Almighty. Some people say God used evolution to create. This is contradictory to his authority. There is no reason for him to use evolution if he can just say it and it is.

To accept that God is Almighty means that he can do anything spontaneously. There actually is no need for evolution other than to compare the similarities of creatures. For instance, the heart valve of a pig is often used in human heart surgery. Whatever there is about a pig makes its heart valve valuable to the human. That does not mean we came from a pig.

We pray to God because we believe he is Almighty, then some of us deny how Almighty he is when they accept evolution. To be Almighty God can do whatever he wants. That means the Scripture is valid when it says he created without the use of evolution, and without billions of years to occur. In short, he said it and it was. In the same way when we asked him to answer prayer.

Does it not seem hypocritical to say that God is Almighty and then deny him the authority in our own minds that he is the creator? The answer is yes! The next time you pray call into question other things that you believe to be sure they are consistent with how God is fully and truly Almighty.

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