The Explosion of the Church

We talked of how we would like the church to grow. We talk of how we would like the world to be converted to Christ through the church. In our talking, we are more likely to lead ourselves to confusion than action. Let us consider what must happen in truth that is according to Scripture.

Each and every church member has as their body the temple of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes we do not honor the Holy Spirit but quench the Holy Spirit. It is of great necessity that each of us must be led by the Holy Spirit. However, we must be assured that our lives are in such order that God deems us honored to be led. He will not serve to the world a menial menu that is small,  one that does not nourish, one that is ineffective. We must be the kind of individuals that God is proud of. Return to the book of Job and see how that God looked on this righteous man as one of his prizes. What is there about us that hinders God looking at us as a prize? Each of us must ask ourselves how we may be better believers. We must ask God’s help because we cannot do it on our own when we examine what has been happening in our thoughts. Most importantly, we must ask God’s forgiveness for any waywardness that we have had. We must pledge to dedicate ourselves body, soul, and spirit to serve him. All that there is about us must be dedicated to his purpose and his glory.

The church is a conglomerate of individuals; the church must function in such a way that as Paul said, we are each edifying the church or building it up in special ways. The church must be more than a building or more than a place to meet. The church as you know is the people. The people together are stronger than individually. The people are the building blocks with many talents brought together in service to God. The church must have a dedication that their prime motive as a group is obedience to how Jesus designed it. Before his crucifixion he said, “I will build my church.” We must be the group of believers that Jesus could use to build upon. The church is God’s only means that he planned to reach out to the world. If the church fails, so will the world. We together have a responsibility to care about and for the world. Our obligation is not to ourselves, but to the greater commission that Jesus gave us to reach out and then reach out more and then reach out more. These were some of his last words he left to the disciples. In their obedience Christianity became the greatest religious, spiritual movement the world has ever seen. It all begins by the church caring and obeying. We must not allow ourselves to be concerned with trivial matters. We must be spot on that we as a group, as a universal group, we are together and united in serving the Lord.

The world cannot be a better place without God. Sad to say, most people who are in the world will also be in hell. There are people around the world that have not been touched by the Gospel. There are people who so desperately need our help. They must hear before they can obey. The Scriptures asked the question how can they hear unless they are told by obedient people. The vision of the world must be seen in its reality. Not divided by politics or culture or continent. Each of us as individuals and as the united Church must see the world in all its destitution. The world is sinking like the Titanic. The world has no hope without us being influenced by the Holy Spirit to reach out to it as a dying world. There is no wonder why the world is in such terrible shape. It did not get there just because it is a sinful world. It got there because the people who claim to be Christians and the church has been inadequate in the outreach. The world needs us, folks! We must look at the world around us, at our own special environment; we must look at the world as a whole. The world is in chaos because of Satan. The world is in such desperation that there is only one hope and that is Jesus Christ.

When you pray, pray first for forgiveness and then for direction how you as an individual can be better Christians so that God can use you in an expanded way. When you go to church seek not your own interests, but to worship God and to be in filled by the desire of caring because the people who care are the only ones that can bring hope. We are at a time in which there is no more time to vacillate or take for granted our own spiritual state and the desperate situation of the world. We must step up to the line to be counted. We must be bold and brave in our service to God!

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