Now that the Supreme Court Overruled Roe verses Wade There is Much to Do

Create legislation that says a woman going out of her home state for an abortion will face legal consequences if she returns to her home state

Elect more pro-life legislators

Review the welfare system so the women do not have babies to be paid for by the government as a means of income

Enforce new legislation against fathers who abandon their families

Declare abortion pills illegal

Redirect funds that were once Planned Parenthood monies into the organizations that support women’s needs without abortion

Enlarge homeschooling opportunities for young women who keep their children

Provide funds for those women who are willing to work from home and keep their baby

Prosecute doctors and other medical personnel who perform abortions where it is illegal

As part of school sex education emphasize abstinence more than ever, teach the science behind life at conception, explain details how abortion is performed

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