We must hold our lawmakers accountable as did the colonists

The actual date voted to be independent was July 2. This idea of independence was spreading since the colonies were in open revolt by June. Although the colonists, except New York,voted for freedom. John Adams wrote a letter to his wife telling her that July 2 would become the official birthday of the new country. It was not until July 4 that the official vote for approving the Declaration of Independence took place. King George had no intention of negotiating on any terms. In fact, he initiated further burdens on the colonists.

The document declared that governments have the right to exist only to protect the rights of their people. It also said that the people have the right to change their government if it denies them their rights. This brings the question of what we do today? The man who sits in the Oval Office is considered by most people the worst president in history, even more so than Jimmy Carter. Biden has taken America by the throat. He has given no intention to listen to the opposition in the same way King George did. Even though the specific issues may be different, the result is similar. Because the Democrats have both houses in Congress and with this rogue in the White House, they have done anything that suits their fancy.

They waited under the lid of the sewer to plot the overtake of our government. They have made false accusations against everyone they dislike. They demonstrate no concern for the citizen that has to pay three times the cost of gasoline. They lie when they say other countries in the world have a higher cost of living than America. In fact, just check about the situation of other countries for yourself.

Their tactics are like that of an enemy. Their approach is like that of King George. They seek conformity and punish dissenters. They deny the facts of history while interpreting by their own prejudices what exists. They teach wrong to our children and expect parents to step aside without any input. They use the legal and school system to propagate their lies.

Consider how elite the members of Congress have become with no intent to reform themselves. In many cases what they do is accomplish without any accountability. They can give themselves raises regardless of what the workingman gets paid. They have their own healthcare system independent of the general population that struggles with high costs of medical care. They have free daycare. Much of their expenses were written off as business such as flying to town hall meetings. As long as the voters can be duped, they get reelected on indefinite terms. They declare falsehoods without being held accountable. When these falsehoods are declared, their followers swallow them without verifying the facts. Nancy Pelosi even at one point said that they “rule” over America. They seek to neuter the genders of people. An example is to call your mother a birthing person. They imprison people without due process of law. They make plans to change America into a socialist country. The result is frustration and confusion by the population. They consider themselves so elite that they can break laws even to the point of causing people’s death without any legal prosecution. They use the FBI and other agencies to cover their tracks and protect them from legal attacks.

When the colonists found themselves in a similar situation, they said in the Declaration of Independence, “governments have the right to exist only to protect the rights of the people.” And it said the people have the right to change their government if it denies them their rights. Thomas Paine urged colonists to start with state governments and write their own constitutions. Thomas Jefferson said that governments can only exist by permission of the people. He went further to say, “whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.” He declared that the British treatment of the policy violated the natural laws of God.

We have seen the similarities between our treatment as colonists years ago by King George and that of those in power today in Washington DC. We have seen what those colonists did in response to their mistreatment. Now the question for us is what we should do?

I am not advocating Civil War or military rebellion. I am advocating instead for the people of America to be united against the elitists in Congress. I am also advocating that after the midterm elections those who become lawmakers have the demand on them that they immediately repair the damage done by the Democrats. I am advocating that anything the president proposes be overruled by a super majority. It is obvious the American people are suffering today. However, they do not need to wait until the year 2024 to get relief. The newly elected lawmakers MUST be held accountable to heal the wounds that the people have suffered over the last two years. They did not need to wait for a newly elected Republican president. They can overrule any veto from the president. They can make him ineffective immediately this fall.

I have hopes for this fall’s midterm election. However, I do not have high hopes. The Republican Party has a history of being wimps and wanting to be nice people. They are too willing to compromise with the opposition. They send out propaganda that explains nothing other than they cannot do their job as we would expect them to do.

If the Republicans who are voted into Congress this fall do not take their place as did the writers of the Declaration of Independence, we have no choice but to declare a convention of states in which we take matters into our own hands. We fire those that have been phony. We established precedents such as limited terms in office just as is the position of the president. We make them accountable for any source of income that they gain while in office. It is suspicious how the lawmakers could come into office with very little personal funds and then become a millionaire. How did that happen? We implement guidelines that when a policy is enacted there are no riders that inflates the cost of the policy so that they could gain funds. We must know what gratuities and money is channeled to the lawmakers that increases their money. We must take away their elite status so that they pay for what they have as amenities in the same way the voters have to pay.

I believe there is more riding on the midterm elections than there is the presidential election. My hope is that these newly elected Republicans will take the good of America into account before their own personal gain. My hope is that those who have committed crimes and helped to cover up crimes will be held accountable even to the point of prosecution.

Let us be firm and resolute in this direction. Let us pray for God’s grace to motivate these new legislators to do what the people expect them to do.

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