Reading the Bible is vital for the spiritual life of Christians. To do it effectively, however, we must do it in such a way that we get the most benefit in our study. The Bible was written by 40 different people living in different parts of the world over a period of 1,100years. Plus, there was a 500-year period between the Old and the New Testament. As varied as the Bible is, there is a central theme throughout all of the Scriptures. That theme is the prophecy and the fulfillment of prophecy by Jesus Christ for the redemption of mankind. The Old Testament contains thirty-nine books. The New Testament contains 27 books. Together they tell of God’s love for every one of us who ever walked the face of this earth.

The Bible has had significant influence on history, law, poetry, and prophecy. Conversely, only the Bible has been the subject of scrutiny, criticism, outright attacks, and attempts to eliminate the value of its reading. This has not been so for any other religious book.

The Bible is said to be “inspired.” Inspired in this case does not mean something interesting or something that was the result of men who were intuitive. It means God outbreathed, enabled, and borne along the way from God. For the Bible to be inspired, it means that it deals with eternal and spiritual issues which addresses the eternal destiny of human souls. It declares the inability of mankind to be right with God and God’s remedy.

When you read the Bible, understand that it “contains” the word of God. It also “becomes” the word of God when applied to our lives. When people talk about the dependability of the Bible, such words as plenary become important because the entire Bible is God’s word. It is also inerrant meaning that its message is accurate. Not all words or ideas have the same worth in the Bible. For instance, when you read the Bible, take note if the words are from Satan or evil men versus that of Christ or believers.

Some critics have said that the Bible is not truthful because it mentions things that have not been verified. They have been proven wrong because a case in point is that of the archaeological support of facts and details. For the longest time there were people who did not believe that the Hittites ever existed. Then archaeology proved that they did.

This is Lesson One of how to study the Bible. Keep these things in mind. And the information that I am providing with each lesson are intended to broaden your understanding of Scripture and draw you closer to the Lord.

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