Lesson #5 – How to Study the Bible

Language of the Bible – the first option to understand the Bible is to take it literal whenever possible. However, those passages of Scripture in Psalms are figurative. And Isaiah Scripture that says mountains and hills shall break forth into singing. On the other hand, some passages of Scripture are used as a hyperbole which is an exaggeration or overstatement to gain an emphasis. When Jesus spoke of a rich man, he mentions a camel going through the eye of a needle.  Naturally, the Scriptures that cannot be taken literally are still valuable for us to learn spiritual truth.

Keywords – whenever you see a word that has _ el, that is in reference to God. So, the name of the town Bethel means house of God. When you see what a word that has _ bar, it means son of. Therefore, bar-Jonah means son of Jonah.

As you read the Bible, be aware of the specific words. They can have more meaning to you. They could give you better understanding of the Bible. They can keep you from going astray from the original intent of what was written in the Bible.

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