Evil Mind Games

Others – the influence of other people is powerful. In some cases, that is good. However, peer pressure and people in position can overwhelm our common sense. This can lead to drastic results of drugs, crime, and displaying ourselves to the rest of the world that is not wise. Being a people pleaser is a bad idea. God expects us to be our own persons led by his Holy Spirit conducting ourselves according to the Bible.

Unreliable – when Satan tempted Eve, the basis of his claims was that God was not dependable. He said that God had no intent for them to be happy or know the difference between good and evil. This is a terrible thing to get our eyes off God by listening to the temptations of the devil, what others say, or the doubts we put in our own minds. God is always dependable! What God does is out of love and not hate.

Should – what we think should happen is usually not correct according to God. We lay a burden on ourselves by telling ourselves that something should or should not occur. Think how many times you have distracted yourself from God by using the words should. Should denies reality. Should interjects false ideas. Should plays against our emotions.

Did it my way – Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley both sang a song entitled, “I did it my way.” The idea sounds great. It gives the impression of determination. He gives the intent to not be distracted. However, we need to always submit ourselves to God so that we do it his way. Doing what we think is right can place ourselves above people and the law. To do it my way is a selfish, inconsiderate, and a bold statement around Self.

Procrastinate – this can be one of the most dangerous evil mind games we can play. Certainly, there are times that we feel it necessary to put off doing something for reasonable future plans. When the Holy Spirit places conviction on a person’s heart, the last thing they want to do is procrastinate. When God tells us to do something, we must do it as he says for our own good and for the good of others.

Don’t embarrass yourself – people seem to have no compunction about embarrassing themselves at parties or sports events. They dress funny, do funny things, or say funny things which really are not funny at all. Whenever we have the opportunity to witness to someone else or to give them a word of encouragement, it is best for that person and for ourselves to do it immediately as God instructs our heart. Yes, we may be embarrassed. Yes, we may be rejected. Those things do not matter. Being God’s person in God’s time in God’s way is all that matters. When the Holy Spirit pleases a conviction on ourselves to accept Jesus as Savior, the devil tells us not to respond and stay put in his control.

Pleasure – everyone wants to enjoy themselves. The problem is in the acquisition and purpose of pleasure. God never promised us that the Christian life would be pleasurable. In fact, Jesus said the opposite by telling believers that they should expect the world to hate them. No one has the right to pleasure! There are many people across the world that have no idea what it means to have pleasure because they are starving and under persecution from tyranny. In America pleasure is one of the key attractions that encourage people to buy products through television ads. Never expect to have pleasure that would replace peace of mind and a good standing with God.

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