Undetected Heart Condition

When God put Adam and Eve in the garden, he warned them to not eat of the forbidden fruit saying that if they did that day they would surely die. They went on to live their lives for hundreds of years. How can it be that God said they would die that day and yet live on for many, many years?

They did actually die that day! It is as they had a hole in their heart. Something was wrong with them spiritually for the disobedience they leveled against God. Their relationship with God was broken. The joy of walking with him in the garden was gone. The provisions he offered them disappeared in favor of them having to work hard to provide for their necessities.

You may have a similar heart condition without realizing it. You may have a hole in your heart. You may have the illness of a sinful nature that has not been healed. You may be directing your life as you see fit without taking God into consideration.

You have a hole in your heart because something is wrong with you spiritually. Worst of all, you may not realize your terrible situation. Even if you did realize it, there is nothing you can do that would heal your spirit. No good works, no good intentions would impress God when you stand before him. You may be a good person, butas is the human goodness cannot stand in the presence of God’s holiness.

Only Jesus can heal the hole in your heart. Only Jesus can reconcile you to God. Only Jesus can give you a new direction in life in which God is your leader, not yourself. Only Jesus can give you the spiritual satisfaction that heals that hole in your heart.

But there is a problem. Either you will not heed to the words I am saying, or you do not believe me still thinking that God will be satisfied with the kind of person you are.

Unless you ask Jesus to be your Savior, unless you recognize that he is the Son of God who died on the cross for your sins, unless you ask him to be the Lord of your life and give you direction to a new and more satisfied way of living, unless you ask Jesus to be your intercessor and prepare your soul for eternity you will keep that hole in your heart.

You will be walking through life as a spiritual dead man just as Adam and Eve did in the garden when they sinned. To them it was no big matter that they chose to pull that forbidden fruit and consume it even though God said not to do it.

Without Jesus, you are not a complete person. You are like a son who walked away from his family and did not look back wanting only to live as he decided.

You have a hole in your heart! The good news is that it can be healed. I am not suggesting that you pray a simple prayer and all of a sudden you are a new person and everything is wonderful. Instead, I am suggesting that you make a hard decision to turn your life over to Christ. It should be a hard decision because you are committing yourself to the strongest and largest step anyone could take.

Once you asked Jesus to change your sinful nature you are on a journey to live out a commitment that you decided. That means a total surrender. It means you want to live for God and not yourself. You pray a prayer to God asking for your sins to be forgiven based on the blood of Jesus Christ from the cross. The only way to know if you were sincere is how you live afterwards. Will you be a new creation in him? Do you really want to be converted so that God is most important to you? Will the steps you take in the future of your life be steps away from what you once were? Will you finally understand what people are saying about their relationship with God?

You will not be a Christian and the hole in your heart will not be filled if you are not genuinely sincere. You may call yourself a Christian, but if you do not rejoice in his Holy Spirit while living a life that reflects God’s influence on you, you are not a real Christian. The good news is that God’s spirit will come into you so that you will have his divine company; so that you know you are not alone in this journey called life.

Ask God to heal that hole in your heart. Then ask him to send his Holy Spirit to guide you into a better and higher plane of life. As you do so, make every effort to let your life be a reflection of what he would show the rest of the world of him in you.

Do not make the mistake of postponing your spiritual surgery. I had two open-heart surgeries and had I not submitted to the surgeon I would have been dead a long time ago. However, now I have lived all these years. In the same way, Jesus will come upon you in ways you could not expect. He wants to use you. He wants to take the best that you are and make it much more wonderful. He wants to make you a better person, a better spouse, a better parent, a better neighbor, and a better worker. After you have the spiritual surgery, you will understand why the words I am saying are so important.

I am not asking you to join a particular church or hold a particular position in that church. I am asking you to let God do that spiritual surgery on your hole in your heart. In doing so, you will be a member of God’s family. You will be able to pray to him in a different way than you ever thought about prayer. You will have a new emotional and spiritual confidence. You will be a different person. You will understand the commitment that others have made around you. You will have an inner satisfaction. You will have a life better than you could make it to be since it will be God you, the hope of glory.

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