Does Your Religion Help You?

To answer that question, we must first ask ourselves what is the purpose of religion? Why be religious at all? After all, can we not go through life simply acquiring what we think is necessary to make us happy? What is the reason to go through all of this whatever your religion is asked of you?

These are questions that not everybody asks themselves because they go through the routine of ritual. Too many people in the world there seems to be no reason to ask this question.

Allow me to make assumptions about religion.

Does your religion make you a better person?

Does your religion make you a happy person?

Does your religion tell you that God loves you?

Does your religion answer some of the needs that you have in your daily life?

Does your religion give you answers to life’s questions?

Does your religion subject you to rituals that in themselves have no meaning?

Does your religion have a Founder whose life was above reproach?

Does your religion cost you an element of dignity or purpose?

Does your religion expect you to accept what others have said without question?

Does your religion serve you in a logical way?

Does your religion allow you to challenge its teachings?

Does your religion lead you to a place of peace?

Does your religion answer what happens to your soul after you die?

Does your religion provide for you to have a personal relationship with God?

Does your religion offer you freedom, victory, and truth?

Does your religion have a purpose for any suffering you experience?

Does your religion offer a way out from the cares of this world to a place of beauty and divine fellowship?

Does your religion resolve the issues of good versus evil?

Does your religion teach you that you are a unique one-of-a-kind special person?

Does your religion put you in a position over all the creation so that plants, birds, and animals serve you?

Does your religion give you hope?

The truth of the matter is that religion is of no value whatsoever! It primarily involves rituals. It teaches you nothing about a relationship with God on his terms.

For me as a Christian, I care little about religion! The only thing that matters to me is that I have direct access to the divine creator. I can talk to him, and he will listen. I can share my concerns, and he understands.

I believe Jesus when he said that in all points, he has been tempted like me. I realize the hardships that Jesus experienced while on this earth. I serve a God that suffered for me. I serve a God that reached out to me while all the other religions have man reaching out to a god.

I am not only better for this life because of Jesus, I am better prepared for the next life beyond death’s veil. Only Jesus, who was validated by a multitude of evidence, conquered death by his resurrection.

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