What is Hell Like?

Some people are cavalier about the prospect of going to hell. They tell other people that they will meet them in hell. They talk about enjoying the sins they committed in life to be continued in hell. They might tell themselves that their personal goodness argued before the throne of God will keep them out of hell. The Bible plainly says that it is their choice for a person to go to hell. God does not send anyone to hell! However, he honors their decision if they choose to reject his son to keep themselves out of hell. Perhaps it would be better served to all of us if we took a closer look to see what hell is really like.

Jesus answered this question in Luke 16, but he did not give this instruction as if it were a parable or an analogy or a type of symbolism. He reported the condition of someone in hell as if Jesus were a newspaper reporter writing a column. He included the names of key figures. Most importantly, he explained what the person in hell was experiencing. That is where our interest should draw attention for the Christian to realize how terrible hell so they would know to do everything possible to keep others from going there. It is also a warning in the report that Jesus presented. Jesus told us about an inmate in hell. He forewarns everyone to stay away.

Imagine that a bridge has gone out because of a flood and a man stands in the road waving his hands to try and keep you from driving into the river, yet you ignore him. Whose fault would be your death?

The person in hell went directly there without anyone to comfort him. However, the believer who dies finds himself escorted by angels to a place of paradise.

The person in hell has memory. He recalls what his life was like before the judgment that sent him to hell. His recollections tease him.

The person to hell experiences fear beyond belief. Without any means for rescue, he continues every moment of eternity frightened.

The person in hell has concern for those people who are yet living. His desire is for them to do everything possible to stay away from his place of torment.

The person in hell is fully aware of what is happening outside of hell. He knows about his brothers. He knows about Lazarus, a righteous man, who went to paradise.

The person in hell found himself tormented in flames but was not consumed. Imagine the agony of being burned alive forever and ever!

The person in hell has rejected God which means God is nowhere to be found offering any type of a blessing or cure for his misery. In this life God sustains us in many ways. In hell the person is responsible to sustain himself in his agony but is incapable of helping himself.

The person in hell is imprisoned without any hope. In this chapter is a notation that there is a great gulf fixed that prevents him from leaving hell.

The person in hell has physical desires such as thirst that will never be satisfied. Imagine you are in the hottest and worst desert without any water.

The person in hell experiences agony while being concerned for those yet alive. Going to hell does not mean you forget about your former life.

The person in hell has unreasonable, illogical thoughts expecting the request he made to be heard. He asked for Lazarus to be removed from his comfort so that his desire could be met and give warning his brothers. Even in hell he retained his personal traits such as this man who was arrogant, selfish, narcissistic, and demanding. Still, no one will listen or respond.

The person in hell is reminded that he had every opportunity to get right with God. Abraham informed that man about Moses and the prophets who gave enough information for him to find justification, redemption and he ignored it.

The person in hell is trapped alone in his personal horrors. Imagine being locked in a box with no food or water and, even though the air runs out, you continue to gasp. You are in a state of panic. You hurt more than you ever could imagine. In hell is frustration coupled with desire.

The most important point to me in this blog beyond the condition that people experience in hell is God made a way for them to avoid it. He sent Moses and the prophets. Greatest of all, God sent his son to die on a cross as a means to avoid hell. How nonsensical it is to refuse Christ as Savior when all that could be done was done to go to heaven and not hell. Whoever goes to hell does so because he rejected Jesus as Savior and Lord.

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