Storm living

There’s a New Testament incident of Jesus and the disciples sailing the sea during a storm. Even with their master among them, it was difficult to trust God and see anything that could possibly come from such an experience. Comparing that day with our own, what is it like in the storm?

Certainly, there is a definite risk being in the boat. But the boat should not be our ideal of what life is about, either. Storm living might have its advantages. If for nothing else, we can say it would be exciting! So, what comments may we make about storm living?

  1. Sometimes God may permit us to be in the storm for our own good.
  2. Sometimes we are there without God’s design.
  3. Sometimes it is our own making that caused us to be in the storm through sin, misconceptions, or personal notions.
  4. Sometimes we go into the storm regardless of the warnings because we believe the payoff is worth is worth the risk. We may later find that is not the case.
  5. Sometimes the storm may seem bigger than it really is and where we find ourselves only seems a catastrophe. In that case we become anxious for no reason.
  6. Sometimes it may be totally unexpected that we are in the storm.
  7. Sometimes we might feel victimized by finding ourselves in the storm.
  8. Sometimes we might want to blame other people that we are in the storm when it was our decision in the first place: we don’t want to accept the responsibility for the predicament.
  9. Sometimes we mistake clouds for a storm, and we are acting in an unnecessary manner as if there was a storm.
  10. Sometimes we think there is a storm because the clouds are dark, and we are quite honestly being naïve.
  11. Sometimes we must conscientiously sail into it, for the sake of another person.
  12. Sometimes the damage it does is restricted to what we allow it to be.
  13. Sometimes there really is no storm at all and we just think there is causing us to act in such a way that we on might sabotage ourselves.
  14. Sometimes we think we know all about sailing into storms and we get careless.
  15. Sometimes we must sail into a storm to learn about trusting God.

Living in the storms of daily circumstances is like sailing on the sea. The idea of storms is unavoidable. The harbor is elective! That harbor is Jesus Christ.

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