The Dilution of Politics and Religion

A delusion is faulty thinking. It does not permit all the facts to be taken into account. It leads to a conclusion that one might not otherwise reach. An individual or a group can have delusions. Much of it can be the result of accepting the overpowering influence of peers.

Such maybe the situation for most citizens of our land. Considering the current wind blowing across America about politics, there are unrealistic ideas about the political process. It seems people are seeking a messiah that can solve social issues on the homeland and worldwide. The political landscape is such that we are a divided people who want someone to satisfy the whims of conservative and liberal agendas. The results so far are that we currently have a paper tiger as a government leader.

In the past we have been told that we should elect Christians as our politicians. Then it became a trend for politicians to portray themselves as religious.

You asked me where is the delusion? Where is the faulty thinking? Somehow, we have the cart before the proverbial horse. In seeking our political messiahs and being outspoken for Christianity in the matters of politics we have missed the most important element. Each person should have a relationship with God. Out of that relationship should grow the insight of who should be our leader.

It seems easier to elect someone that says he represents Christian ideas than it is to work hard individually so that the citizens of America have a growing. strong personal relationship with God. Yes, we want to be selective in our choice of elected officials. However, these leaders are no substitute for spiritually mature voters. The Scripture says that without a vision the people perish. It is the people’s responsibility to have a vision, not to leave that to someone else who selected politics as a vocation.

Scripture also speaks of rivers of living waters flowing from the believer. Perhaps God is speaking about the natural results of an ongoing maturity of believers. We have become weak because of our professing Christian convictions that are weak. Any trouble being experienced by our nation can be traced back to the individual citizenry who have avoided their responsibilities to maintain a closeness with God and allow that closeness to blossom into a natural influence on to the nation and the world scene. The good news is that this can be changed immediately! All each of us need to do is get serious with God. From us will then flow those living waters of influence.

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