How to become a Christian

There are some religions that teach a person must go to great lengths to appease their god. Some say that if a person lives a good life that is all that is required from God. In that case how do you do find good? There are some religions (believe it or not) that do not have a god. Then there are other religions that have multiple gods up to one million. There are people who are led to believe that certain animals or plants or stones are gods. Then there are those groups who believe there is no heaven or hell. They teach that souls are recycled to live in a different body under a new circumstance.

All in all, the commonality that they have is belief. Belief in what they have been taught. Belief could be in what they have concluded for themselves. Belief in what someone else current or in history told them. Belief is a strange thing. The Bible says that Satan believes. It also says the demons believe and tremble. Because of our current liberal movements our children are being taught to believe that if they are white, they are bad. To believe is so diverse that it amounts to nothing more than a recognition.

However, faith is a different thing. It is a conscious decision on a spiritual level to put into practice that which is more than a simple belief. It is to look at what is plus what shall be. Those who say they have faith can be superficial or it can be very deeply embedded in their thoughts and behavior. Faith is not just an acknowledgment as is belief. Faith is that for which we hope for but cannot see yet. Faith is the vehicle that transposes a person from what they have been to what they need to be.

I say these things to emphasize the importance of faith that is implemented in the Almighty Creator. We cannot just believe that there was a historical person named Jesus. We must be willing to place the value of our eternal soul in him through faith. Now, let us get to the point of how to become a Christian.

We must recognize the kind of person we are as fleshly human beings with a soul. We have no authority in the spiritual world. The Bible says that the best righteousness of any person is like that of rags used by a person with leprosy who wipes the pus from his sores. Pretty disgusting, isn’t it? So, the best that we can be is far inferior to the holiness of God. Even common sense says that the inferiority of our righteousness could not stand up to the righteousness and holiness of God. We tell God that we admit we are sinners by nature and by deed.

After admitting what we are, we must acknowledge what Jesus is. If we are going to put faith in him, we must be committed to him as the Son of God. We must have a deep conviction that he took on human flesh to die on a cross, be in the grave for three days, be resurrected to later ascend back to the  Heavenly Father. That means we have faith in him to forgive us of our sins and have the commitment to put God first in our lives. Anyone can say a three-minute prayer and still not be a Christian. To have faith in Jesus as Savior and as Lord means that our entire life becomes a new creation. This is something that must be taken very seriously with full intent to live the rest of our lives serving him.

When we accept Christ as Savior whether it takes a gradual realization for our needs, for his salvation ability, or for what comes upon us in an instant, we become what Jesus said is a born again person. There must be a transition that occurs. To be a Christian is to become part of the family of God. Also, at the time in which we invest our faith in him for our eternal soul, the Holy Spirit comes within us to be our teacher, comforter, and guide. The Bible says that a Christian’s body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. We can be led by the Holy Spirit to live a spiritually sound life. At times we can also grieve the Holy Spirit by the commission of a sin for which we must ask God’s forgiveness.

Perhaps you have wondered what it is to become a Christian. Perhaps you have been distracted by the ungodly behavior by those who call themselves Christians. Even so, it is your responsibility and privilege to step into the throne room of God so that you might become his child. Avoid being distracted by temptations and by hypocrites. Enjoy your new life and the prospect of your new life and in eternity.

Here is an example of a prayer that someone might say to become a Christian:

Dear God, I acknowledge that I am a sinner, and I am sorry for what I have done and been in this life. I know that I cannot do anything to deserve your grace or to be in heaven. Therefore, I ask Jesus to come into my heart and make me a Christian as a newborn person. Help me to live my life pleasing to you. Help me to live my life so that I honor you every day. Thank you for giving me the hope of a new life on this earth and a new life in heaven.

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