What a Prophet Expected from God

Since Jonah did not want to obey God’s instructions to preach to Nineveh, he tried to get as far away as possible. No doubt, he expected God to agree with him. He gave himself a new mission that he expected God to approve. It is very easy for us to be oblivious for how God wants us to live our lives.

Since he was asleep, Jonah probably expected God to facilitate his means toward Tarshish. We can turn ourselves off to our spiritual surroundings not realizing there is a consequence.

Jonah had no idea what would happen to him after the mariners threw him overboard, but it is reasonable to think that he expected God to protect him after he made his confession. It is likely he expected God to allcure all the mischief that he caused.

While being in misery in the belly of the fish, Jonah expected God to hear his prayer. He even made promises to God so that he could escape. We can find ourselves in a tough situation, thinking that if we make promises to God or barter with him. It usually goes like this, “God, if you will do this, I promise I will….”  The real question is whether we keep those promises when we escape from our difficulties.

Because Jonah knew how merciful God was, he expected God to bring salvation to the Ninevites. When their repentance was followed by salvation, Jonah was unhappy. There may people to whom we should witness yet not wanting them to be converted just because of our prejudice. This is not how God thinks.

He may have expected God to ignore his rash statements the will and so for as wishing he was dead. We must be careful what we say. God honors our wishes to a point.

Throughout this book, Jonah was an erratic person. He was not reliable. His moods changed depending on the circumstances. His relationship with God was significantly affected by his lack of loyalty to God’s mission. As we conclude this series, it would be wise to examine in what ways we do or do not serve God. Even more so, how do we represent God to others?

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