Battle or Challenge

Everyone faces struggles in life. Everyone experiences hardships. No one is exempt! The constant issue is, how will we deal with the negative side of life. It could seem that every day is a battle. We could have a war within our own selves as well as against circumstances or other people. In response to the tsunamis of life, the basic question is our attitude.

Someone might say, “I am okay under the circumstances.” If we see ourselves under the circumstances, that is the first problem. In Jesus we should always believe that we are above the circumstances even if they are problematic. The Bible says our Lord was tempted in all ways such as we. He understands the circumstances. However, Christ is not on the sideline observing our experiences. He is the quarterback in the game of life. He said that he would never leave us nor forsake us. Considering those circumstances that we would rather not be in our lives, how we see the situation is vitally important.

Jane Marczewski of Dayton Ohio blew away the judges on America’s Got Talent with the song she wrote called, “It’s Okay.”  Even though she got the golden buzzer, Jane had to withdraw from the competition. She described her experience with cancer is brutal. She explained that her faith helped her deal with the fatal diagnosis and the abandonment by her husband. Before she died at age 31, she told the judges, “You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy.”

For all that life throws at us, we have the option to decide if we see ourselves in a battle or have challenges to overcome. The Bible describes the faithful believer as, “more than conquerors.” To be a Christian is an excellent thing. To allow our faith in Christ face the struggles we experience means we are not battling alone. It means we have a challenge from which we can learn, grow, be an example to others, and have victory. This is when our faith becomes real.

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