Common Practices Contrary to the Constitution

No sooner had the Constitution been written when certain political movements called progressivism arose. The basic intent and that of conservatives is that the Constitution is a static document meaning it is unchangeable. According to this belief, all laws within the United States should be measured against what was originally written of the Constitution.

Less than a hundred years after the writing of the Constitution this philosophical theory rose from Europe and then spread to the United States. Those who hold to progressivism believe that the Constitution is out of date. They preach that it should be a fluid document adapting to the times. According to their propensities, the Constitution needs to be updated on a regular basis.

Today progressivism is a marked danger to the American way of life. Liberals push this as a means to attract supporters offering benefits from government funds such as free cell phones. This is a narcissistic method to seek control over the government similar to the way communism rose in Russia, China, and other countries. Its practice, the proof for failure, was in the way it affected the population being governed. The promised benefits from progressive or liberalism has been debunked.

The second unconstitutional practice has long been in place. It is the exercise of the president’s executive orders. Nowhere in the Constitution is the president authorized to individually mandate his own will on the citizens. This has been done by both Republicans and Democrats. Glaring examples are Lincoln and Biden.

Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation as an executive order. He had no such authority to do this! Even though slavery was wrong, it was up to Congress to create a law or amendment to the Constitution that made slavery a crime. Lincoln refused to negotiate with anyone. He arbitrarily on his own decided that such a proclamation should be done by him and him alone. He never tried to get Congress to outlaw slavery which they originally did. Therefore, the many deaths of the Civil War both in the north and south are on the shoulders of Lincoln.

During our current political drama, Biden has issued ridiculous executive orders that are illegal and unconstitutional. A simple example is the closing of the pipeline. In fact, Biden has done so much outside the Constitution that it borders on treason.

Liberals and progressives want us to believe that the Constitution should be ignored or at least updated. Their goal is to re-create their own government according to their liking. The exercise of a presidential executive order has no basis in authority. It is not in the Constitution. It creates laws issued from that one man. It does not matter if that one man is a Republican or Democrat. He has no right to do it!

The writing of this blog today may sound political, but the outreach of both progressivism and presidential executive orders has a direct effect on freedom of religion. It has been a battle for true Americans to stand for their own rights granted by God and the Constitution. Already our government has been so metamorphized that it hardly resembles what Thomas Jefferson originally wrote.

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