The Mistakes of Judas

The name of Judas is synonymous with treachery. He was a member of the original twelve disciples chosen personally by Jesus Christ. He was the only disciple from Judea. As the treasurer of the group, he complained that valuable oil was “wasted” when it was used to anoint the feet of Jesus by a woman. Scripture accuses him of being a thief and in league with the devil. Some might question why Jesus chose him to be a disciple, but the Bible tells us it was to fulfill prophecy as stated in Acts 1:20. He was honored at the Lord’s supper by being permitted to sit near our Lord. Even though we are tempted to discard Judas, we still can learn the mistakes he made so that we do not repeat them ourselves.

Apparently, he was unimpressed by the miracles, power, and divinity of Christ throughout the ministry of Jesus. He was a spectator, not a player.

He substituted his will for Christ’s. He had zeal in hopes that eventually led him to become disillusioned because Jesus was not performing his ministry in the way “it should be.”

He allowed himself to be vulnerable to temptation by associating with unbelievers. His association with them was not for the purpose of winning them over to conversion. He made the mistake that many of us do by being unequally yoked together. That phrase in Scripture does not always relate to marriage because it could relate to any type of friendship or allegiance.

Judas lost control of the situation when he thought he could pressure Christ into becoming the earthly king who would overthrow Roman control. By surrendering his will to God, it would have been the greatest form of control. Yet, he was out of touch with God.

According to Matthew 7:22,23 he never really was converted. This is a good example of what is mentioned in Hebrews 6. Judas tasted the heavenly gift and the good word of God, but he was never actually a believer.

An interesting comparison can be made between Judas and Peter. When Judas realized the consequences of what he did, he committed suicide. When Peter realized the consequences of what he did by denying Christ, he wept bitterly and repented of his sin.

Since we know that Satan only has power over us when we’re outside the realm of God’s authority, Judas stepped into unknown territory that brought him down. Unfortunately, it is far too easy for any of us to think we can tell God what to do. Before we find ourselves in a position of leadership, we must be sure to exercise followership.

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