Dimensions of faith

 Dimensions of faith

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We are wise to hold fast to the faith that we claim. As we speak about serving Christ and the resolutions to do it, let us speak of the reality of faith. A discussion of faith can become so old hat that we can quote the Bible verses without knowing the depths of faith. As we look to our future, let us also look to see the dimensions of faith by referring to Hebrews 11 :1 that says, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” To examine the depths of faith, we will refer to certain Bible verses that you can read as complements to the four points I am making.

Faith looks beyond the obvious. We are not in any form of denial will we rely on faith. We face facts as they are. Look to the hallelujahs of the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem as recorded in Mark 5: 39-43. It is not the desire of someone exercising faith to deny the obvious or the real. In fact, the exercise of faith takes into great consideration what is currently happening.

Faith looks beyond the transient. Our lives changed by the minute. The medical profession tells us that the cells in our body change every seven years giving us a brand-new body. All around us changes are occurring, movement is happening. There is unrest about life itself. When Jesus came, one of the reasons he was rejected was that the Jewish people expected an earthly Messiah that would overthrow the Roman Empire. See John 9:3. They did not want change their theology.

Faith looks beyond the immediate. Like a train coming down the track toward us, a turn of its wheels is pushing forward. What is happening now is not necessarily happening what will be. What is the spur of the moment is a coming of an opening door. Just because it is immediate does not mean it is real according to spiritual power. When Jesus told of his imminent death, Peter boasted of his faithfulness. Then Jesus warned him about the cock crowing and Peter’s denial. That is the tumbling of time from yesterday to today to tomorrow and what is now is not always what will be. John 11: 37-40 reinforces this.

Faith looks beyond the possible in favor of the impossible overshadowed by the probable. At the time of the crucifixion of Christ the disciples were in great sorrow. They wanted to survive the terrible things that Jesus was saying about his betrayal. When the disciples were in the upper room with Jesus, they wanted to appease him in favor of exchanging what is or is not or what may be. Their mistake was to not listen to Christ to learn what is certain.  Faith anchors the soul while looking to God what he wants. Read Matthew 19:26.

If we are going to have faith in the certainty, we must see what is the substance, the material for which we hope. As we pray, exercising our faith, we have in our minds and hearts actual, real evidence of what God is going to do.

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