A Lot Isn’t Much

Beginning in the book of Genesis chapter 13 and following there is a man named Lot who was the nephew of Abraham. Almost on every turn he made the wrong decision. As a result, life became a tragedy for him. Unlike Noah or Job whose sacrifices brought glory to God and blessings for themselves Lot was the opposite. He was the type of person who wanted to hold God by one hand and Satan by the other.

In 2 Peter 2: 1-9 we are warned in the same way about falling from steadfastness in our service to God. Peter was concerned for false teachers who brought carnality, presumption, reveling, and covetousness. In the midst of God’s swift and certain punishment on apostasy we can find an example of God’s mercy by the deliverance of Lot from the brimstone that fell on the city of Sodom. Let us examine how we can describe this man.

He is called a man of righteousness. However, his life put a shadow over God’s power. He was not righteous because he was a relative of Abraham. God has no grandchildren! His soul was not righteous because of outward behavior. He was called righteous because his soul was righteous by putting on the perfect righteousness of God.

Look at the decisions that he made. It was according to the world’s standards. Matters may appear to be small, but their importance can begin to grow. The choices he made and how he reasoned for them was for self-interest and personal practicality. Today we can say over the years more people have died because of drunkenness and drug abuse than for religion and country. They made the wrong decision as Lot did.

Lot was a man of influence. He used people and misused God’s blessings. He abused his freedom of will. He continued to bruise his own redeemed soul. These are the steps that he took that caused him to descend in and around sin: He pitched his tent toward Sodom. Then he sat in the gate of the city. Afterwards he had a house in the city. After the destruction of Sodom, he tried to seek refuge in a nearby city contrary to God’s instructions. We can say that he then afflicted his soul, not just that he made mistakes. When he finally took refuge in the cave of a mountain, he became so drunk on two nights that both of his daughters became pregnant by him. Lot avoided the path that brought him nearer to God that would have brought truth about himself. His death is not recorded. He accomplished nothing for himself or for God. He is an example of someone who today called themselves a Christian but as the Bible says, will get to heaven as by the skin of their teeth. We would all be wiser if we took care for the decisions we make. Our highest priority should be service to God and to glorify hi

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