Glorify God Just to Glorify Him

Are you one of those people who consciously, frequently, and routinely think to glorify God just to glorify him? Are you amazed about God? You may pray and give thanks to him. You may tell others how appreciative you are for his answer to a prayer. But is the simple practice of being amazed about God incorporated into your attitude; is it your first ambition to offer glory to God without a particular prayer request? Spontaneous praising God will help you grow closer to him. Here are some reasons why glorifying God should be built into our thinking and behavior on a regular basis beyond what else is on our mind:

God created everything that is. When we see another person accomplishing a major task and, if it is especially beautiful, we tell them him how meaningful it is to us. Look at all of nature as a reminder that God is the creator and be amazed. The blue sky, the fall colors are wonderful!

God is Almighty, everywhere present, and all knowing. No one is like him. The very fact of his person is amazing. He understands us better than we do ourselves. He appreciates the struggles that we experience.

God wants to hear us tell him about our hurts, pain, and issues. Even though he knows what we think and experience, he still wants to build a mental bridge with us through prayer so that we have a connection with his empathy. He cares and that makes him worthy of praise.

God has accomplished great things in human history. Obviously, the greatest of all is the birth of his son Jesus Christ to the young woman who was a virgin. God can look ahead and see where we will need his intervention. His concern for our future is a great blessing.

God has a love for us that is without limit or reservation. His magnificent love is not based on anything about us. In fact, his love is freely available regardless of who we are and even the bad things we have done in the past does not hinder his love. He loves us because he is the very essence of love.

God knows more than we do. The pure fact that he is intelligent and can make logical decisions more than we is another reason to glorify him. If this was not so of him, there would be no need or value for praying to him. He is smart and worthy of adoration!

God had a plan all the way back to the Garden of Eden for mankind to have a close relationship with him, but Adam and Eve interfered. That still makes no difference for God’s desire to maintain a relationship with us today. Praise him for being our friend.

God does not hold a grudge toward us even though all of us have offended him in many ways. He is always willing to forgive if we simply ask. That cannot be said of any human being even though we say to forgive and forget it does not actually happen. It still has a permanent effect on our relationships. It is part of our human thinking.

God has a plan for our future beyond death. That includes the most joyous and satisfactory life with him that could ever be. No one can offer a future beyond death. Furthermore, no one can offer happiness for eternity after death. How glorious it will be to see Jesus personally.

God is a gentleman. He allows us to make free will decisions about everything whether it be matters of this life or future spiritual issues. He seeks only the best for us. Yet, he does not force us like robots to conform to his good intentions. It is wonderful how he respects us.

God sent his son to repair the chasm between us and him and then afterwards sent his Spirit to fill us offering comfort and guidance and teaching. Without Jesus and without the Holy Spirit, our lives would be much more difficult leading to a dead end. Now we can look to a bright eternity with him.

God provided in written form (the Bible) for us to be protected in our health, in our relationships, and in business life. He made it possible that we could read about him as a friend for encouragement and understanding. The Bible has a central theme throughout the sixty-six books where we win in the end and Satan loses.

It is so important to praise God and glorify him. It is best to remember when we glorify God, we are placing him above ourselves. We are subjecting our thoughts and conclusions to his scrutiny. We have a new higher spiritual goal while praising him. Too much of our attention is occupied with the things of this world that will someday pass away.  When we concentrate on his wonder, we are not dwelling on the troublesome thoughts that can drag us down. To live closer to God is to enjoy how fantastic he is. Enjoy glorifying God and see how your spirit will be lifted up.

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