How to improve your emotional life

Some people believe that their emotions are an entity into themselves. In that case, whoever believes this is a victim of their own emotions. They have no control over what they experience; especially if it’s unpleasant. They say I am what I am, and I cannot change. But this is one of the biggest lies ever believed by humankind. The fact is that our emotions are a result of how we think. Furthermore, such a person is likely to recycle these emotional experiences and be stuck in such a rut that they feel helpless and miserable. This following isis the truth:

What we think is what we believe. What we believe is what we apply. What we apply is what we accept. What we accept is what we experience.

Another way to put it is this. We all have basic thought concepts. When an event occurs, it is filtered through those concepts. Then it is committed to an emotional response.

Here’s another way to think of it. If I believe that everyone should like me, then if someone rebukes me it is against my concept of self-worth. I have no choice but to respond in a negative emotional way such as anger.

There is a way to fix this. It begins with admitting we have certain concepts that are not healthy. Then we take those concepts to God in prayer asking his help. If an emotional reaction to an event is negative, that is a red flag that what we just thought is unhealthy. Think through what just happened. What was your basic concept about life, the way things should be, what must be in your world? When you identify that unhealthy concept, rebuke it and replace it with a healthy concept. If I believe that everyone should like me and discover that unhealthy concept in my life, I should then replace and rehearse it with the understanding that some people will like me and some people will not. This is a stabilizing force to your emotions.

Keep praying to God asking for his help in recognizing what is unhealthy in your thoughts and keep rebuking it and replacing it until you have a better emotional life. To paraphrase Jesus, he said that what we are on the outside is what we are on the inside

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