Are You Miserable

Are you miserable, hurt physically or emotionally, bewildered? Are you in a difficult situation? Do you live in a dictatorship or communist country that disallows your Christian faith? Does your family not support you? Is your heart breaking?

There are people from 93 countries around the world that have read my blog. Some of them are in a threatening situation by where they live and what government that dominates them. Others may live in a free country, but they have personal issues that are troubling. So many people are reaching out and find no answers or help.

Be encouraged. No matter what your current situation is, Jesus remains in charge. He will either rescue you or he will soon return to this earth putting an end to your misery. In the meantime, stay true to the Lord in prayer and scripture. Know that they can capture your body but not your mind and heart. You have ultimate freedom within yourself for how you think, for how you react.

You may feel like you are at the end of the road with Jesus as the one that holds the other end. Perhaps your duty is to hold on; not to climb up the rope. You have options. Those options are within what you tell yourself, what you dwell on, what you truly believe. In your mind sing praises to God. Let your situation be a means by which he is glorified.

Hold the fort no matter what no matter how bad things may seem no matter how it hurts no matter how discouraged you may feel, recall the hymn Hold the Fort….. Hear it sung.

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