Let us go from Here

It was a Jewish Passover Jesus and his disciples gathered to observe. At the meal Jesus needed to solidify his team of followers and impress upon them the importance of his teachings. This meant that he even needed to declare his pending murder. He followed these alarming comments by saying that their belief would counteract their concerns. He promised them eternal assurance beyond death. When Thomas asked a simple and obvious question about where he was going, Jesus again became bold by saying he was the only way for a person to have eternal life for the blessings of the Almighty God. He said…..

V 12 – they would be empowered

V 19 – they would live after dying

V 26 – they would have the Holy Spirit

V 27 – they would have a special peace unknown to the world

Then when Jesus was done with the lesson he taught the disciples, it was time to move on to the purpose for which he was born. He said, “Arise, let us go from here.” And so they did. They went to the garden where he prayed and then was arrested. There they abandoned him. Still, those words were lived out by the disciples. Now those very same words must be lived out in us. Each day Jesus is saying to us also, “Arise, and let us go from here.”

Let us go…..

  1. And be done with talking and put the words into action
  2. And be confident that we are under the command of God
  3. And be inspired by the love of God that he has shown
  4. And be instruments of God that the world may know
  5. And be surrendered to God as he leads from here
  6. And be assured that we are going to the next place where Christ would have us be
  7. And be excited that we are going beyond the next place

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