God expects to be thanked

Away from family on Thanksgiving

Let us use common sense. When someone gives a gift to us, it is customary to thank them. In fact, to not thank a person who is our benefactor would be considered rude. Even as far back as in the book of Leviticus God established one of the sacrifices to be that of Thanksgiving. In our case we set aside the fourth Thursday in November that we call Thanksgiving Day here in America.

Unfortunately, it has degenerated to the time in which we stuff ourselves with all types of goodies and watch football on TV. In many cases not even a prayer is directed toward God expressing our appreciation for what he has done for us, prayers he has answered, and given to us here in America plenty of food and provisions. Also, Thanksgiving Day is quite often cited as a day in which we express thanks to other persons for their kindness instead of toward God. Many people declare their glad tidings that fortunate circumstances have come upon them such as everyone in the family being able to get together on that day.

Today on this Thanksgiving Day let us express our gratitude to God for the blessings he has given us. Let us tell him how we appreciate salvation that we have the opportunity to go to heaven with our sins forgiven through the blood of Jesus Christ. Let us recognize that the chair we sit on, the table where we place our food, the warm air that circulates around us, and the food we inhale all comes from God. He is the great Creator. He has provided abundance for us.

This afternoon when we gather together let us truly be thankful. Let us recognize the great creation that God has given us. Let us thank him for being a loving God who provides fellowship with us as humans, who brings healing to our bodies, and peace to our minds. Let us go back to the original purpose of Thanksgiving Day even if just for a few moments. Let us take the time to say, “thank you God.”

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