See What Happens When You Say Merry Christmas

Let’s all try an experiment about social contact. Whenever you make eye contact with someone, tell them Merry Christmas. Say it with a smile and see how they respond. Some people are hard of hearing and really did not know what you said. So, say it the second time. Merry Christmas!

With political correctness nowadays, many people will say, “Same to you.” You can reply to those folks that have an empty vocabulary by saying back to them, “I really do wish you to have a Merry Christmas.”

To those that have a brain and a heart, when you say Merry Christmas, they may be startled in a good way. You will bring a smile to their face, and they will say Merry Christmas back to you. Both of you will enjoy the Christmas spirit even though you may be strangers to each other.

Then there are those who are in the salesforce. They may actually have been told by supervisors that they are not to say those dastardly words of Merry Christmas. Their response could be a whisper back to you of Merry Christmas. Or they may give you a heartfelt smile in return. In some cases, in one way or the other they will say Merry Christmas back regardless of what the supervisor says.

Of course, don’t forget the Scrooges that you might meet. How sad it is that they carry a frown all day long and have no joy in their life. They are so preoccupied with nothingness or older hurts that they can’t come into the present to experience the joy in their heart of Merry Christmas.

You might meet a child with a parent that you say Merry Christmas to. More than likely that will solicit a response of Merry Christmas from the child and even from the parent.

The spirits of our general population have been so beaten down by the government that there is a level of trepidation to say Merry Christmas. Remember that it is legal to say Merry Christmas. It is called free speech and there will be no Merry Christmas police around to arrest you for saying Merry Christmas.

When you greet family or friends that you haven’t seen lately, offer them the great words of Merry Christmas. It is interesting how saying those words can lift one’s heart and bring a moment of joy.

There are some people that you have never met, and they need to hear the words of Merry Christmas. They may need to hear Merry Christmas as a way to know someone cares. When you say Merry Christmas to them, you are giving them an antidote to what is happening in their lives.

Perhaps someone has helped you in some way. It could be a store clerk that gave you good advice or a stranger that told you which aisle to go down to get the item that you want to buy. In any case, don’t just say thank you and go your way. Say thank you and Merry Christmas.

While you are lighting up their hearts and offering joy to the world to other people, it could be quite remarkable how much you enjoy your day because you said Merry Christmas.

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