The Book of Revelation Simplified

The book of Revelation seems confusing. Within it are many symbols. However, we can look at this wonderful book that Jesus wrote to us through the Apostle John in a simpler way. We need not be turned off by the representation of what seems to be monsters. Let us look at this book with a plainer review.

The opening comments are about Jesus appearing to John instructing him to write. In chapter 1 verse nineteen is a key. Jesus says to write what John has seen, what things are current, and what would be hereafter. This is the basic breakdown of the book.

What he saw was a vision of Jesus giving him specific instructions. Writings that are related to the seven churches located in the area of modern-day Turkey is what ­are. Jesus makes various observations or complaints about each church offering a blessing or a warning. The instructions to write for what is hereafter concerns most of the book beyond the letters to those seven churches.

Then there are lengthy predictions for what the world will face by rejecting Jesus. They will bring their own misery upon themselves. During that time the Antichrist and his two assistants appear on the world scene. Therein follows massive commercial and natural disasters even including vegetation and fishes, that are afflicted.

As these predictions occur, two witnesses from God speak out against evil but are quickly murdered with their bodies seen on television through satellites and international connections. In addition, a large group of Jews numbering 144,000 are especially set aside for their security.

Regardless of the opportunities for salvation, most people living at that time will anchor themselves against repentance but curse God instead. The trauma and chaos could not be measured. There is a reference back to the book of Daniel in which a king desecrated the altar in the Jewish Temple. Against the promises of goodwill from the Antichrist will come persecution including the same desecration of the altar as mentioned in the book of Daniel.

There are included seals on the books that when open present such as trumpets, vials of wrath, all of which number seven each indicating a multitude of curses on the world. Interjected in between those occasions are a unique number of people who accept Christ as Savior but are persecuted with many of them murdered.

The tribulation is divided into the first forty-two months in which the appearance of the Antichrist and other beings while the second forty-two months is the most traumatic and horrible time. In the Valley of Megiddo, a war takes place with the evil forces of the world against Christ and is referred to as the Battle of Armageddon.

For anyone to do retail business they must have the mark of the beast either on their hands or forehead. (13:17) Today the identification by a person’s iris in the eye is being used as identification. The city of Babylon represents the capital of whoredom and fornication that will be destroyed. Hostile government leadership and heretical religion are enforced on most citizens of the world at that time. In retrospect will be the breakup and reorganization of nations.

While all the doom takes place on the earth those who have accepted Christ as Savior will enjoy celebrations with Christ in heaven. They will receive rewards for their faithfulness during their lifetime. Later in the book of Revelation Christ brings judgment on all those who have rejected him. It was their rejection that will cause them to find themselves in hell along with Satan, the Antichrist, and the helpers of the Antichrist. We should emphasize on a second effort that whatever human is in hell is the result of their decision to reject Christ. God’s original intent for hell was for where Satan would be placed.

The prophecy concludes with the explanation for a new heaven and a new earth including an eternal paradise for the believers. The last chapter contains more words directly from Jesus in which he says that he is coming quickly with a blessing in the meantime for those who read Revelation.

There are symbols that we should mention. The seven candlesticks represent the Holy Spirit’s approval of the church. Verses 20 and 21 in chapter 3 are often misunderstood. Unfortunately, the image of Christ standing at the door knocking requesting entrance is for the church. This is a prophecy against modern churches that have pushed out Christ to be acceptable and appealing to the world. Chapter 6, verses nine through eleven, presents people during the tribulation that accept Christ and are martyred. Satan assaults Jews and Gentiles during that time. Much deception is levied on the people of the earth. Their torment and sorrow are a significant contrast to Christ and his blessings. Those of us who know Christ as Savior and look forward to an eternal time of blessing for ourselves can appreciate that which 21:4 tells us there will be no tears, no death, no sorrow, no crying, and no pain because the former things have passed away. What a glorious future all believers have in store for them.

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