Christmas Angels and others

Anyone who reads the Christmas story in the Bible is familiar with the part that says an angel appeared to Mary telling her that she was going to be pregnant by the Holy Spirit. Later an angel appeared to Joseph and told him that it was needful for him to support Mary even though under normal circumstances he could prosecute accusations against her. As you read your Bible, notice how many times angels are involved in the affairs of mankind. Let us make a short survey that tells us the nature and character of angels.

  1. After Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden, they were expelled, and an angel was posted at the entrance to make sure they did not return.
  2. We do not know the exact number of angels there are that God created but when Lucifer led a war against God in heaven, he and one third of the angels were expelled. This tells us that angels have free will to obey or not obey God.
  3. The Christmas story also says that angels have the ability to appear and disappear by choice. This is what happened to Mary and Joseph.
  4. Angels live in a different dimension of creation. They have knowledge, power, and mobility, but do not have the ability to reproduce.
  5. When the angels appeared to the shepherds to tell them about the birth of Jesus, they walked out of the darkness and did not fly. Likewise, they spoke words and did not sing a song. They gave instructions to the shepherds and praised God.
  6. When Gabriel appeared to Zacharias who was a priest to tell him that his aged wife would give birth to John the Baptist, he was able to afflict the doubting Zacharias that he could not speak until his son was born.
  7. Angels attended to Jesus throughout his lifetime beginning at his birth, and after his temptation in the wilderness to comfort him. At the resurrection of Christ an angel rolled back the stone over the entrance to the cave where his body lay. Angels remained at that site to make sure the apostles and the women were fully informed that Jesus literally and really was resurrected.

 As we celebrate the birth of Christ, we must remember that angels are not to be worshiped. They should be appreciated for their interaction with human beings to represent God’s instructions. We are not to praise the angels, but God for providing them to us. So, at this Christmas time let us learn more about these special individuals through our own personal Bible study.

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