If Jesus were born this weekend instead of two thousand years ago …….

If Jesus were to be born this weekend instead of two thousand years ago as it actually happened, what gift would you bring the young child? The Bible only records that the angel sent the shepherds to the Christmas manger. Then two years later, the wisemen followed the star to the house where the young Jesus lived with Mary and Joseph.

If an angel were to instruct you to go find Jesus, would you go? If you saw a unique star leading you on, would you take two years out of your life to go find the newborn King Jesus? Are you so attuned to God that you would know how to obey him?

You only have a few days to finish your shopping and then wrap the gifts for Christmas. Think of the money and time that you gave to provide those gifts this weekend. Whether the cost was small or great, whether it was for a relative or friend, whether you had an instant burst of your thought or whether it took much time to consider, whether it was for one person or many, you will be giving gifts this Christmas this weekend.

I still ask what would you give Jesus? How much time and money would you put out for that gift? What would be your motive?

You tell me that the shepherds brought nothing. You tell me that the wisemen did not bring expensive gifts until two years later. You would be correct.

But what would you bring Jesus this weekend? You do not have to pretend that you would be giving a gift this weekend to Jesus. You do have the opportunity to in fact give him a gift.

Let us look closer at what gifts were given two thousand years ago.

The shepherds brought praise and worship. They brought obedience. They brought submission. They abandoned their workday or night to obligate themselves for Jesus.

Yes, the wise men brought gold, frankincense and myrrh. They also brought something else. They brought honor. They brought respect. They brought recognition for the royalty that Jesus had even as a child. They brought determination to see their mission accomplished.

Both sets of people came as a result of prophecy. They saw the birth of Christ as something that was marvelous. They took their friends with them to be involved. They were used by God. The shepherds became the first evangelists for Jesus telling other people how wonderful it was to see the newborn Christ. The wise men brought sufficient funds for the family of the Christ child to be able to flee to Egypt when Herod plotted to kill him.

Try to avoid Christmas rushing through your life without taking time to give a gift to Jesus.

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