What is the big deal about Christianity?

Probably the majority of people do not understand Christianity. They may not comprehend why people are so absorbed in what they call a religion. You and I should discuss this.

The first thing that we need to accept is that Christianity is truly not a religion (even though it is considered so by those who take a census). Christianity is a spiritual condition. Christianity operates in the lives of people when they accept and establish a proper relationship with God. Jesus did not intend to rebel against Judaism or start a new religion. He did not intend to purify Judaism or the ways of society. If that were the case, any devout prophet could have sufficed. In fact, much of the Old Testament is riddled with prophets trying to get the Jews to surrender their lives to the love of God.

Jesus did come to this earth as a baby and then grow up to be a rabbi so he could enable people to establish a healthy relationship with the Almighty God. The best of us has ideas of how to live and what makes a good person. However, there is a great difference between our best goodness and God’s absolute perfection.

Our guesstimates of what it is to be a good person cannot major up to the precise and exact perfection of the great Creator. Never were any of us born to live such a life that we could be acceptable before God while offering our own intercession.

This leaves all of us with the major problem. Unfortunately, many people have no concern that a problem exists. They live their lives the best they can and assume that everything will be all right when they die. That assumption is very dangerous because the outcome will determine how they relate to God in eternity.

Since man cannot heal his own spiritual problem, God sent his son Jesus to intercede in our behalf because Jesus was perfect as God incarnate when he came to this earth in a manger and lived so perfectly as an adult throughout his life. In essence we can say that he was a human sacrifice to heal the broken relationship with God.

No one is a Christian without asking in faith for Jesus to be their own Lord and Savior and incorporate the perfect sacrificial work he did.

Whether you consider yourself a good person or not, we all need the work of Jesus on the cross and the promise of eternal life through his resurrection.

Take that great step in your life’s journey. Come to the place in which you realize the birth of Jesus and later his crucifixion and resurrection was especially for you because he loves you. Become a Christian. You will not be a Christian if you’re only a good person. Most important is to realize that human nature cannot heal itself and that is the reason Jesus was born.

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