Ghosts, aliens, Sasquatch, Global Warming, and paranormal at Christmas Time

The contention of the Bible for the Christmas birth of Jesus is that Mary was a virgin when the Holy Spirit came upon her to conceive the body of Christ for when he was born in an animal stall and slept in a manger or feed trough.

There is the validation of fulfilled prophecy. There are even secular records outside of the Bible that support the birth and life of Jesus.

But there are those who object to biblical Christianity saying it is a myth and refuse to believe. How odd and contradictory it is that many of these same people are willing to believe in ghosts, aliens, Sasquatch, and the paranormal that has no scientific or historical support.

Why is it that some people are willing to accept these unusual concepts and refuse to accept that the divine Jesus was born and slept in a manger?

There is only one answer! Faith. The Bible asks that a person have faith to believe in Jesus as the Savior and Lord. On the contrary, those who have misplaced belief are more willing to accept what society says than what the Bible says.

Avoid being blinded by foolishness and accept the simple fact that the son of God, the divine Jesus, assumed a human body and lived a human life.

Christmas would be a great time to readjust our thinking so that we celebrate the birth of the divine Jesus.

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