Things Did Not Change Much for the Baby Jesus

As we know after Jesus was born, he slept in a manger or feed trough. The shepherds visited him while Mary and Joseph looked on. They came in obedience to the direction of the angel.

If we fast-forward, the circumstances of the life of Jesus did not change all that much.

There was no place for him in the inn and in adult life he pointed out that he did not have so much of a place where to lay his head.

He and his family had to walk many, many miles and in adult life he walked throughout the promised land declaring the message of the gospel.

As an infant, there were threats against his life and as an adult the later threats came true by his crucifixion.

The shepherds represented the middle to lower class of society who were the ones that followed him mostly and as an adult, most of his followers were of the same level of society.

His mother of course was present at his birth, and when Jesus was an adult, she stood at the foot of the cross watching him die.

The siblings that followed his birth did not believe he was the Messiah until after his resurrection.

Baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph were dependent on the gifts of the wisemen for their travels to Egypt for safety, and as an adult Jesus was dependent on monies from others that Judas was charged to carry.

At his birth, very few people paid attention while as an adult, few people of the total population responded to his ministry.

Angels were present at his birth and were present at his betrayal in Gethsemane.

Even at age 12 he told Mary and Joseph that he had to be about his father’s business which was what he did the rest of his life.

At birth, Jesus was dependent on the kindness of a person that directed him toward the stable while as an adult he was dependent for a place to rest in the home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus.

Joseph, as a carpenter, provided for the needs of the family until he passed away and at the crucifixion Jesus asked his disciple John to care for Mary.

Even before the birth of Jesus, Mary declared that she needed a Savior and relied on him for that reason when he was crucified and resurrected.

Of course, Mary was with him in the stable which could have been a cave and was one of the first persons that came to verify his resurrection at a tomb.

Mary’s pregnancy was miraculous by the Holy Spirit that no one else could explain and as an adult while Jesus was preaching his family thought there was something unusual about his fervor.

When Jesus was born, his birth was the fulfillment of many prophecies and as an adult, he himself prophesied that he would someday return, but not as a baby but a conqueror.

He was recognized by the Magi as a king when he was born and will return as a King of Kings.

The shepherds left the manger scene rejoicing and spreading the good news of his birth and as an adult Jesus sent some of his followers several times to spread the good news of the gospel.

Faith in God was the driving force of those who came to the manger and the driving force of those who followed him before and after his crucifixion.

The only reason Jesus was born was to die for our sins and he did so on the cross.

Because no one is perfect, the perfect baby Jesus came into human flesh as a substitute for our own selves since we are imperfect and deserve the punishment after the human race alienated itself from the Almighty God.

When baby Jesus was only eight days old, Mary and Joseph took him to the temple for his ritual circumcision according to the law of Moses and frequently as an adult Jesus taught in the temple.

Baby Jesus was born in God’s timing and as an adult even though others wanted to kill him it did not happen until God’s timing was ready.

Jesus was born to walk the path to the cross and he said we all must take up our cross to follow him.

Wisemen sought the young Jesus and today wisemen still seek him.

The simple truth is present in all of these circumstances. None of us are perfect and could not have a relationship with the perfect God. There was a great chasm between humanity and the Almighty. No person could heal that disingenuous situation other than Jesus. This is the reason we asked Jesus to come into our hearts. We ask for his forgiveness for the things that we have done out of our sinful nature so that his perfection would cover our imperfection in the presence of God.

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