Supreme Court Case on Public Prayer

This is MAJOR. The Supreme Court JUST distributed our case to the Justices for review.

We appealed a MASSIVE case to the Supreme Court to overturn a BAN on public prayer and defeat radical atheists’ legal attacks for good. The Supreme Court’s conference deadline to review our appeal is in just days.

If we win this case, it could reset the legal landscape for religious liberty. It is quite frankly the BIGGEST religious liberty case in the last 40 years.

Angry atheists and anti-Christian radicals have been trying to eviscerate prayer and religious expression from public life. And a judge has agreed with them, banning public prayer.

Now the radical atheist group that we’re battling at the Supreme Court is directly attacking the ACLJ. They are attacking you – your faith. We just filed our reply, and now the Supreme Court’s deadline is in just days. We’re working around the clock to defend prayer.

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