Inequities between Biden and Trump

We look to the presidency as a position of honor, respect, and privilege. We assume that the person who holds the position would not play political games. We want to trust the person that sits in the oval office. Instead, there is a great inequity between presidents and also among those who support them. When Bill Clinton was asked why he committed those sinful acts with a young intern, he replied, “Because I could.”

There have been complaints about Trump’s personality and how he talks to people in private. There are people who say they would not vote again for Trump because of his personal life. They also say they would not vote for him because of the many investigations levied on him none of which found any guilt on her shoulders.

No matter the disingenuous comments made by milquetoast supporters, he got things done. Under his administration the United States was not involved in any war all. Because of his proactive intentions, the price of gasoline was under two dollars. The supply chain was well oiled which meant that what the general population preferred to buy was there on the shelf.

The current man that sits in the oval office is greatly rejected and disrespected by many people even though he would deny that. In fact, as soon as he got in office, Biden took specific steps that were nonsensical and irrational and unplanned. His actions were such a contradiction in that he had other people who were anti-gun for the American people did they themselves either carried guns or had bodyguards that carried guns. The steps he took in his first few days as president has had a terrible effect on the economy including the doubling of prices at the gas pump and in the grocery store.

This leaves the Christian voter in a conundrum. We want our president to be honorable and of good report publicly and privately. Unfortunately, this cannot be said of either Trump or Biden. They both have been under criminal investigation and in the case of the Bible, it has just begun.

Personally, I am more concerned about results. If in his private life, the president swears and mocks people, that is not good as a professional. However, many leaders in the past have had flaws of their personality. Even the revered Lincoln and Roosevelt had girlfriends. Lincoln was haunted by depression. He was impatient to deal with slavery. As a result, he wrote the emancipation proclamation even though he had no constitutional right to do that. Shortly thereafter, Congress (the legislative body that is responsible for laws) declared slavery constitutional. Roosevelt created a socialistic kind of government that great because people were on the government payroll. However, the results of his presidential administration lingers with us today dragging the American people closer and closer to socialism. This is the type of government in which the White House tells the working person what to do and what they are allowed. Already, we have people who avoid working even though they are capable, but instead they bilk the government for money. Even though many of them are fit enough to hold a job, they would rather not because in some cases they get more money at home sitting on the couch watching TV instead of holding down a job. Thank you, Mr. Roosevelt.

This quick historical review brings us to two conclusions. The Christian voter is forced to place a checkmark by the least of the worst on the ballot. It becomes more of a game in which we hope the persons we select to be in political office will be honorable even though it is unlikely considering the history of so many.

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