Marks of a Soul Winner

When we refer to the eighth chapter of Acts, we have before us the marks of a soul winner. In the case of the Scripture just mentioned we have an empty desert. Philip was led to a man who was cultured, educated, wealthy, prestigious, and sophisticated. He was the treasurer of Ethiopia. With him was a caravan of soldiers, merchants, and servants. But this man was spiritually hungry.

He was seeking the meaning of a passage in the book of Isaiah. He might have been able to read the words, but he did not understand the message. In fact, he said to Philip how can I know, how can I understand, unless someone tells me. That gave the perfect opportunity for Philip to share for this man to accept Christ. The scene also gives us the perfect opportunity for us to understand that hungry souls still need someone to tell them about salvation through Jesus.

We must be prepared beforehand by prayer, scriptural reading, and Scripture memorization. We must know what the Bible says about being born again in Christ. It is too late when we are in the presence of a potential convert and we are unprepared. Going further, let us observe what a soul winner needs to be like for God to use. We must keep in mind that Jesus said the harvest is white unto reaping.

The soul winner must be obedient. See John 15:26,27. That means that the soul winner must be spirit directed. He must be willing to follow God’s designated route even if it is to a desert. Not all locations will be conducive for the opportunity to win other people to Christ.  The winner must be there at the right time prepared and able to discover the spirit convicted seeker.

The soul winner must have enthusiasm as mentioned in Psalm 105:1-8. That means that the one doing the witnessing must be someone who is willing to be used by God. This is a person who has a spiritual instinct to detect seekers. To be a witness, the soul winner must know the word of God and is willing to be sent by God’s Holy Spirit to an empty heart.

While we are witnessing to others, we must also be aware from where we came out of a sinful life. The Bible says that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. We each must be willing to follow God’s directions. When we do so, we have a special happiness waiting for us from leading someone to become part of the family of God. Those who win others to Jesus know that it is the greatest joy to lead someone to Christ. There is a great gladness in the constant search for potential penitent souls. We carry with us a profound statement to share with the world, “I found the answer! So can you.”

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