Problem Solving

Before we proceed the idea of how to solve a problem, we need to recognize some things about the problem. In many cases we think the problem should be solved when we don’t have the ability to do that. Did you cause the problem? Do you have the means to solve the problem? What is the reason for your owning the problem?

If you honestly can answer the above questions with a no reply, then you need to take yourself to a place in which you walk away from the problem. If it is not your problem, then let someone else all but who does own the problem. Examine yourself if you have some type of ulterior motive in owning the problem whether it be to gain attention, seek control, or boost your self-esteem. Keep things simple. If it’s not your problem and you don’t have the means to solve it, then leave it alone.

However, if you answer yes to the above questions, we need to proceed on how to do this.

  1. Gather all of the details about the problem so that you are fully informed.
  2. Decide what other people are involved with the problem should they have a better answer to solve.
  3. Create alternatives or different ways to solve a problem. Ask God’s guidance to detect possible alternatives.
  4. Decide which of the best alternatives do you think should be used. Ask God’s help to be sure you have selected the best alternative.
  5. Implement the problem in a simple and non-prejudicial manner.
  6. Examine the results to discover if the problem has been resolved.
  7. If your choice of resolution did not work, go back to step four so that you can select a better choice of solution. Make sure you stay in touch with God throughout the process.
  8. Implement that second choice to solve the problem.
  9. Evaluate if you were successful in solving the problem.
  10. If you’re still not successful in solve the problem, examine what has complicated your efforts. Perhaps the solution is not the problem. There might be hindrances prohibiting a resolution.
  11. Assuming that your second or first choice was successful, decide if this solution works best to your favor and that the problem is neutralized.
  12. Allow the solution to continue working. Take yourself to a better emotional state that you do not own the problem any longer. Rejoice that you have succeeded in your efforts. Give thanks to God for his guidance and ask his blessing on anybody that are involved in the problem and the solution for the problem.

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