Glimpses into the future

Inventors are already talking about flying cars. They also propose that housing will have a completely different appearance and location. The government will continue pushing for four days work week. Speaking of government, if Americans are not careful our nation will become socialists and lack leadership to the rest of the world. Our nation will degenerate to the point of becoming a third world country. Citizens will continue to flee from big cities. War will be conducted mechanically instead of soldiers shooting guns from the trenches. Churches will continue to make every effort in which they can reinvent themselves to no avail. Significant natural disasters will increase possibly to the point there is a food shortage. Christianity will be viewed as a cult. The Bible will be virtually ignored since it has already been taken out of the school system. Families will be fractured so that their members will turn on each other reporting to the government about those who will not accept government demands on their lives. The push for a One World will be accomplished with a single leader. The educational system will be unrecognizable compared to that of today and yesterday. The idea of love will sink to whatever feels good and works. Since Christianity will have a minimal influence on the world stage, a new idolatrous religion will form compelling people to participate in the worship. Even though the government will try to deceive the general population, the economy and supply chain will diminish. Cash will be obsolete. A few people that have been exposed to Christianity will put their lives at risk when they seek to follow Christ. Miracle wonders will be portrayed to the world. Intolerance will magnify itself in favor of strict political correctness. Free speech on the media will be controlled. The idea of marriage will increasingly be ignored by couples. Space exploration will be expanded to the possible point of colonizing Mars. These grand efforts will be complicated by repeated meteor showers. It may even be possible that life expectancy will be lengthened by centuries. The sanctity of life will become obsolete. Kindness and generosity will give way to bitterness and anger. A new caste system will place Christians and Jews at the bottom of the scale. Only the strong will be able to deal with the demands and danger on an everyday style of living. Because there will be a large number of dead bodies, individual burials will be difficult. Crime will continue to increase plaguing the general society. Circumstances in the future look to be grime, but quality-of-life will be viewed by some as favorable and even enjoyable.

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