Nicodemus was a secret Christian

We meet Nicodemus in the third chapter of John when he became a believer in Christ. However, we do not see him appear again until and after the crucifixion of Jesus. He and Joseph of Arimathea took the body of Christ and quickly dressed it for funeral so  they could put Jesus in Joseph’s burial cave.

Nicodemus was a person who had a great position of authority and influence. Likely he was a member of the Sanhedrin court. It is safe to assume that he was not present when the other priests conducted what we call a donkey trial to eventually murder Jesus.

Just think of the opportunities for witness and testimony that Nicodemus lost by being silent. He did what was necessary for his soul to go to heaven. However, it may have not been much effort on his part to lead other people into the arms of God. His was a life that was wasted!

We must be careful that our lives are not wasted on trivial things. We must be careful that we maintain a strength by which we can be a testimony for Christ. We must be sincere believers so much so that we want others to gain eternal salvation.

We cannot be silent Christians or secret Christians or bashful Christians. What Nicodemus eventually did was good. Think how much more good he could have done in between the time that he met Christ alive and then the next time he held the dead body of Christ in his arms. Let us value our salvation so that we want to share with other people. The circumstances of the world are getting worse and worse. We cannot be secret Christians any longer.

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