Be Assured of Your Salvation

Eternal salvation does not depend on your emotions at any given time. Each of us have occasions in which we become discouraged or even despondent. On some occasions it could be easy to be angry with God. On other occasions we could be disappointed that our prayers were not answered the way we wanted them to be. Sometimes we don’t feel like reading the Bible or praying. Let us be assured that none of these things have anything to do with your salvation.

God knew in his own foresight that humanity would exercise their free will and not be consistently obedient to him. Any form of disobedience is sin. This places all of humanity in a predicament. Adam got us on the spot, but we cannot remedy our situation.

Since God foreknew what would happen with the humanity that he created, he also had a plan to resolve the issue. Genesis 3: 15 is considered the first prophecy for the coming of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. After that there is specific versus that look forward to the arrival of Jesus such as in Isaiah 53. All in all, God had a plan to rescue us from ourselves.

When he gave the law to Moses, part of his instructions was to create an animal sacrificial system. This is not to say that the shedding of animal blood with the means of salvation. It is, instead, a prophetic forward-looking in faith of the coming of Christ as the perfect sacrifice. Animals could not sin, nor could they be perfect. They have no soul as a human does. It was the faith that the Old Testament believers had. Even before the law, Noah’s faith is recognized in the Bible saying that he was a righteous man. We must remember that it is the faith that we place in Jesus dying on the cross that can bring access to the means of salvation that God has provided.

Therefore, be assured that once you accept Jesus as your Savior, you can recognize yourself as a member of God’s family. God invites us into his family. We receive his invitation. You can do nothing to withdraw that invitation in the same way that once the son is born to a father, he cannot be unborn no matter the behavior or attitude of the son. If a person persistently dwells in sin, there is a question whether they were saved in the first place. Your insurance for salvation has nothing to do with you. Allow your moods or discouragement to pass over like a dark cloud. Those are temporary moments that do not affect God’s declaration for your salvation. Those are human moments and not divine moments.

It is okay for you to question if you are saved even if you have in faith received Jesus as your Savior. Again you’re questioning has nothing to do with your security in Christ. If you could be unsaved, it would’ve been an exercise in futility for Jesus to die on the cross. If you could be unsaved, God did not have a perfect plan. In other words, God messed up.

None of these things are true. Your faith must be grounded in Christ asking forgiveness of your sins by commission and by nature. That’s why Jesus said you must be born again. You are spiritually born again and just like physical birth cannot be unborn. Enjoy your salvation even though the devil might want to give you doubts or temptations. Glorify God through your life and look forward to what God is going to do to bless you.

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