Wednesday before Easter

This was probably the last full day that Jesus spent teaching in the temple. It probably was the day in which Judas decided to betray Jesus. He went to the high priest and requested thirty pieces of silver for his crime. The agreement was reached, and for the moment all seem satisfied. Unbeknownst to Judas their plan was to murder Jesus so that his popularity would not expand any further. Likely, Judas was convinced that Jesus needed to become an earthly king and overthrow the Roman military.

Forever the name of Judas has been connected to that of a traitor. He was with Jesus for over three years and saw all the wonderful miracles that he performed. He with the other eleven disciples were tutored by the Son of God. It is hard for this writer to imagine what it was like to witness the ministry of Christ and hear the words that he wanted his followers to follow. How could such a person with that experience discard everything he received from Christ in word and action. The only thing that we can learn from Judas is how much we must adhere to what God is trying to deliver to us through his Bible.

The high priests were delighted that they could dupe one of the disciples of Jesus. Probably they thought they were able to drive a wedge in the midst of those who closest followed Jesus. Also, no doubt they were convinced that for their plan to be successful they would also nullify everything Jesus did and disperse his followers. They looked at Jesus as just another troublemaker as those who preceded him. How sad it is that they ignored the prophecies of the Old Testament that Jesus fulfilled in his life. This shows that no matter how excelled we are among the religious, our own lives can fail ourselves and God.

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