Feathers in the Wind

I heard a story a long time ago told about a man who offended the second man. Apparently, he said ill things about him and then later came to apologize. The offended man said that he accepted the apology. However, he took a pillow from a sofa and unzipped it. Then he opened the window to allow the feathers in the pillow to fly away. He told the offending man that there was no way to regain the feathers so they would be back into the pillow.

The words of gossip could never be withdrawn from the ears of those who heard it. The damage had been done. This brings to question what the gossiping man should do. He could not withdraw his words. The only thing he knew to do was to apologize. All he saw were feathers flying away in the wind. Likewise, what should the offended man do for he also could not put the feathers back in the pillow?

Obviously, there is a biblical admonition against gossip and speaking words that were not thought out beforehand. Speaking ill words is just as much of a sin as anything else. Sin is never a victimless crime. The only cure for both men is the love of God working in both their hearts.

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