How to be an example as a Christian

Thessalonica was a seaport and the residence of the Roman governor for its division of Macedonia. It was a bulwark against the invasion from barbarians. The church was founded by Paul on his second missionary journey.

According to our text in 1 Thessalonians 1: 1-10, those Christians learned quickly to be imitators of Christ and Paul. Also, in our text they are charged to become examples to others who would imitate them. If you are going to tell someone how to be an example, what would you say? That is the subject of our thoughts today.

Have virtues worth copying. That means faith shown in action, love manifested during labor, and hope exercised with fortitude.

Have convictions that are convincing. The Bible tells us that we are elected through Christ, but without any merit of our own, it is through faith. It is something worth sounding out. It is something worth turning to. It is someone worth waiting for…. Christ on his return.

Have standards proven by experience. That means experience power, in the Holy Spirit, in much assurance, and even in much affliction.

There is a significant responsibility as Christians to be an example. We must not take it lightly. The way we live before others will have a dynamic effect on the decisions they have with God. Being a Christian is far more than going to church. Our duty is to set an example of Christ outside the church and to the world during the week.

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